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Reliable Chiller Units in Central Victoria

Chiller Systems and associated units are a top prerequisite for any company that wants to operate in the food industry. It is essential that the food items stay absolutely fresh until they reach the final consumers and hence a lot depends on the storage system of the food company. Dairy farms also require chiller systems in huge numbers because of the vast quantities of milk they have to store. Central Victoria has always had a large number of farms and it is one of the major milk producing areas in the country. With its lush fields and quiet ambience, the region is home to a vast number of dairies who raise cattle for milk production and they are the primary clients of Kyabram Refrigeration for high end chiller systems. Other food companies also approach us from time to time.

Kyabram can design chiller systems according to the specific needs of the customer. The refrigeration experts consult with the customer regarding the exact dimensions and functions of the chiller and try to give them exactly what they want. An offsite field survey can also be done so that the customers have a clear idea about the kind of environment for which they would be designing. Kyabram has a standard chiller for sale and we also provide warranty to an extent for the chillers that we manufacture.

The starting price of the chiller depends on the kind of chillers that the client has commissioned and a quote is given to them directly. There are no offers and discounts in place because the rates and prices are not only competitive but because the quality of the chiller systems speaks for themselves. Kyabram usually sells Fluid Chillers, based in Australia as this is one of the very best. The chiller systems are properly inspected before they are delivered to the client. The customers can also contact our help center for any kind of assistance regarding the operation of the units. The experts at Kyabram who tend to these units are trained and they do their best to ensure that the clients have a hassle free experience.

Chiller units in Central Victoria have always gained a lot of importance and Kyabram because they are instrumental in storing milk and other food items fresh. Kyabram Refrigeration can proudly proclaim that they do their best for the well being of the farms and the consumers of the region.

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