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Cool Rooms


Kyabram Refrigeration Designs & Builds Quality Mobile Coolrooms in Central Victoria

Kyabram Refrigeration builds its own cool rooms so its quality guaranteed.


  •  2400 (8’) x 1500 (5’) x 2100 (7’)  
  •  1800 (6’) x 1200 (4’) x 2100(7’)


· 75mm polystyrene panel system

· Aluminium chequer plate floor

· 1900 x 800mm hinged door (rear)

· Stainless steel meat rail (option)

Refrigeration System:

· 300 kg cap. meat with frequent door opening.

· Designed for Australia’s summer conditions of 46 Deg C ambient temperature

· 1 1/8 HP Condensing Unit

· R404 Refrigerant.


· Tandem Axle

· Mechanical braking system on front axle

· Jockey wheel

· Lights and Wiring

· Spare wheel and mount

· Good Condition Second hand wheels and tyres. 

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