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Our Rich Experienced Farm Refrigeration Specialists Offer Best Quality dairy Farm Refrigeration Services in Central Victoria


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Kyabram Refrigeration are farm refrigeration specialists.  Our experienced team provide farm refrigeration services to all makes and models of bulk milk tanks and equipment.  This includes emergency breakdowns, servicing, maintenance and installation of milk cooling systems.  

We also offer water cooling and preheating solutions to suit your application and can provide on farm advice.

Servicing the greater Goulburn Valley, Northern Victorian and Southern Riverina dairy farming districts.

Here at Kyabram Refrigeration we understand that the dairy farming industry operates around the clock every day of the year and that the refrigeration process is paramount to quality milk.  This is why we provide after hours service.

Are you supplying the best quality milk possible through your existing system, cooling the milks temperature down to the desired temperature even before you leave the dairy?  
It is easily achievable – proven economical and sustainable. There is a real and safe answer to the alarming rising costs of refrigerants and getting the most for your improved quality of milk.

Today, most farmers want the most of out of their dairy’s-:

  • More milk from our herd
  • Quicker milking times
  • More from our invested money
  • Best practice farm management



At Kyabram Refrigeration we adopt several technologies that can be added to the milk cooling systems on dairy farms to better cooling efficiency.

An efficient pre cooling system which will cool milk through an industrial style plate heat exchanger prior to bulk milk tank entry ensuring snap chilling for quality milk.  Give us a call to discuss your individual milk flow and cooling requirements.

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