New Milk Vats

Milk Vat Refrigeration For Sale Victoria

New Milk Vat Sales

Authorised Service Agents for (Packo Vats – Dairy Tech Refrigeration)

We supply new milk vats for sale.  

 Once produced, milk must be chilled rapidly and stored correctly. Cooling milk by using the most efficient and effective methods possible. After milk collection, the computerised technology works together with Packo’s unique cleaning methods to ensure a sterile vat.

We are a registered agent to install, service and give backup, whatever your refrigeration needs. 

 While installing the milk vats, we always pay close attention to details.    We can also give useful tips for the proper maintenance of the milk vats, which can be very useful to the buyer in the long run.

Call us today for more information about sales, installations and servicing.

Kyabram Refrigeration supply  milk tanks and equipment that is all designed for the long haul Australian conditions and are available in a range of sizes from 5000 L to 40,000 liters to suit your storage needs.