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Different Sized New Milk Vats For Sale Throughout Central Victoria

Authorised Service Agents for (Packo Vats – Dairy Tech Refrigeration)

kyabram Refrigeration take pride in offering the best service in Goulburn Valley and the greater region of Central Victoria, Australia.

We stock a range of new milk vats for sale in Central Victoria. Once produced, milk must be chilled rapidly and stored correctly. Cooling milk by using the most efficient and effective methods possible. After milk collection, the computerised technology works together with Packo’s unique cleaning methods to ensure a sterile vat.

We are a registered agent to install, service and give backup, whatever your refrigeration needs. We have highest quality workmanship for refrigeration maintenance in Central Victoria.

The necessity of milk vats is easily understood by those who work in the dairy industries. Milk collection is a complex procedure by itself and certain guidelines have to be followed while storing them. The milk has to be rapidly cooled because warm milk has the greatest chances of contamination. The cooled milk should then we kept in a temperature controlled sterile environment till it reaches the final consumer. This is where the milk vats come in. Kyabram Refrigeration provides premium milk vats to their clients in and around Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley region. It is one of the most prosperous dairy farming areas and we steadily contribute to the growing business here.

Kyabram Refrigeration can cater to the sale, installation and repair of the milk vats if the need arises. There are lots of brands to choose from and every milk vat has its own unique features. The client should have a clear idea about all of them before he makes his purchase. In case he is new client he should also know a few ground rules before installing the vats. For example, to keep the milk absolutely free from contamination, the wash systems should be working flawlessly and the client should know how to ensure them. The services that Kyabram provides are one of the very best, and we do so with the best rates in the industry.

We do not offer any additional discounts on the sale price and not do we have to offer any packages, and yet we always receive positive feedback from our buyers. We also deal in spare parts of the milk vats in case any component needs replacement. If the client wants a particular brand or model of the milk vats that we do not have with us at the moment, we can order it from the manufacturers and procure it within a few days. We have a very efficient network and our basis for a strong company is to maintain a balanced and healthy professional relationship with the manufacturers as well as with the buyers.

While installing the milk vats, we always pay close attention to details. We make sure that the experts we hire and fully up to the job. We can also give useful tips for the proper maintenance of the milk vats, which can be very useful to the buyer in the long run.

Call us today for more information about sales, installations and servicing of Packo Milk Tanks.

Packo milk tanks and equipment are all designed for the long haul Australian conditions and are available in a range of sizes from 5000 L to 30,000 liters to suit your storage needs.

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