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Registered Service Agents in Central Victoria

If you are looking for authentic registered service agents for your commercial refrigeration system, you have come to the right place. Kyabram Refrigeration is the registered service agents for brands like:

We serve across Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley, where Dairy farming is prevalent. The other industries that contribute to the economy of this sub region of Victoria, is agriculture and fruit growing. Wool growing and cropping is also a major occupation of this region. Where there is food processing, there is a need of good refrigeration system. And electrical equipment like commercial refrigeration units, such as cool rooms require maintenance service without which the machines may break down. This affects the business adversely and often massively. Thus regular maintenance and repair services for refrigeration units and milk vats is much in demand in this area.



  • You will get free, no obligation quotes, with no hidden costs
  • Affordable rates and charges
  • Authentic spare parts for complete service
  • Promptness in service in emergency situations and otherwise
  • Punctuality in meeting appointment schedules
  • Accredited and licensed service providers



Preventive and periodic maintenance of milk vats is essential because it helps to avoid loss due to:

  • Unprecedented breakdowns of the equipment
  • Rapid depreciation of the machinery
  • Reduced efficiency of the machinery
  • Reduced productivity and loss of products


Kyabram Refrigeration has the experience and the skill to handle repair and maintenance service of milk vats at very affordable rates.

We value all our clients and believe in maintaining strong bonds with all of them.

Our team has a strong backup system to handle every emergency situation and we carry authentic spare parts to ensure that your equipment is repaired or service most efficiently.

Our customer care team are friendly and we are highly approachable 24/7 in case any problem arises.

We are proactive in our attitude and always try to see things from our clients’ perspective

Kyabram Refrigeration takes care to complete every job with care and always try to add an extra benefit to our service, this is what helps us to build customer loyalty.

Our team is passionate and committed to our tasks. We try to bring our effective solutions for every different problem and situation that would suit our client the best.

We strongly believe in honesty. None of our rates are hidden. We do not give unnecessary suggestions for our profit and moreover we handle and complete every task until our clients are satisfied thoroughly.

So if you are looking for registered service agents for repair and maintenance service in Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley, get in touch with Kyabram Refrigeration. You can call us @ 0358521212, email us at, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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