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Used Vats & Refrigeration Units

Used Refrigeration Units – Second Hand Milk Cooling Tanks For Sale in Central Victoria

If it is a second hand vat you require or second hand units we may have exactly what you are looking for.  

Kyabram Refrigeration has access to different brands of 2nd hand milk vats.  
Popular in other industries used as storage vessels.   
(Chemical, honey, wine, oil  and  ice cream industry)

Kyabram Refrigeration has been in the industry of providing premium spare parts and looking after vats for quite some time. Since 1998, farmers have approached us with their milk vats and we specialize in making custom vats for them. One of the biggest sources of our inspiration is that we try to make work better for our farmers and help them grow as well. We also believe in making special vats so that milk, one of the prime foods that people consume should reach them fresh and wholesome. We especially tend to farmers in and around Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley because these regions are foremost in milk production. The farmers here are always looking for innovative methods to keep milk fresh and whole and we are more than happy to assist them in this. Central Victoria has been more agricultural and we only try to cater to the demand of milk vats there as much as possible.


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                We have various kinds of used milk vats and we make it a point to check them thoroughly before selling them. However, we do not offer any guarantee on used products. Any farmer or field officers are free to contact us if they have a vat to sell or if they want a used vat. We also have a stock of various kinds of vats of various sizes and they range from 1000 liters to 30,000 liters. However, sales also depend on their availability. It should also be mentioned that the sales have steadily gone up over the years and more and more farmers are coming forward to try new kinds of refrigeration units and vats. There are a number of new farmers who have queries when they are buying vats for the first time and we assist them in every way possible. The reason why most people buy second hand units is because they would get those at a reduced price and we try to get the best price for them. Our vats and refrigeration units are also popular in other industries like oil, honey, ice cream, wine and chemical industry where they are used for storage.

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              For any queries do call us and we will sit with your for a detailed session to analyze your needs and requirements and give you the vat or milk cooling tanks you want. You can also contact us if you have a unit to sell.

If you have a tank that you no longer require, please give us a call at 0358521212.

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