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Specialized Mechanics in Domestic Refrigeration Repairs & Services Across Central Victoria


Our teams mechanics are true professionals always considerate to our clients refrigeration and cooling needs. 

Whether its your fridge/freezer or an air conditioner we perform to a very high standard of workmanship.  

All new air conditioning installations come with a Plumbers Compliance Certificate to guarantee that our mechanics are professionals and are registered with the Australian Refrigeration  Council.  




We are the experts in domestic refrigeration services in Central Victoria and the Goulburn Valley region. With our experience and knowledge we have built up team of efficient technicians to provide you complete domestic refrigeration repairs as well as domestic refrigeration equipments in Central Victoria.


Our services include:

The qualified and trained, refrigeration repair maintenance team of Kyabram Refrigeration has individual experience as well as a positive team camaraderie to share their expertise in dealing with domestic refrigerating problems and coming up with effective solutions.

They are given periodic training to keep up with updating technology. Kyabram Refrigeration invests regularly on latest equipment required for domestic refrigeration services. We ensure that our service satisfies you thoroughly and look forward in maintaining our relationship with you.

The Kyabram Refrigeration has competent, professional backup service for emergency situations. We will make sure that your unit is repaired and is running in no time.


All our Fridge Repair work is Guaranteed-

At Kyabram Refrigeration we believe in honesty in our service. We complete every maintenance and repair jobs for domestic refrigeration in Central Victoria with utmost dedication and care. In case you are dissatisfied with our service, let us know- we will do our best to resolve any issues that are persisting. We guarantee for your 100% satisfaction for strengthening our future bonding.


Authentic Spare Parts-

Kyabram Refrigeration technicians carry authentic refrigerator spare parts with them to ensure a quick service. We replace the parts if it is urgently required, and we do it only after your approval. Most of our domestic refrigeration repairs central Victoria are done on our clients’ premises.


When you call us for a Domestic Refrigeration Repair Services our Technicians will Provide you:

Estimated costs of repair, including the price of the spare parts and labor charges The expected life of your refrigerator The availability of the spare parts at present and in future The approximate price of procuring a new appliance A detailed declaration of the fault detected and the solutions to resolve it.

Our domestic refrigeration repair services can give you a complete refurbishment of your appliance. We not only repair it perfectly, but also ensure that it meets the company standards in cooling and energy saving. The Kyabram Refrigeration refrigerator technicians can provide you with practical procedures to maintain the efficiency of your appliance and for prevention of unwanted breakdowns in the future.

For any kind of domestic refrigeration repairs Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley contact the experts. You can get in touch to know more about us at:


267 John Allan Rd,  Kyabram, VIC 3620

Phone Number: 0358521212


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