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Kyabram Refrigeration Pty Ltd has been consistently offering the most reliable and professional refrigeration repair services over the years in Goulburn Valley and the greater region of Central Victoria, Australia.

Our team of mechanics are specialised in refrigerators repair services. We are specially equipped with latest technologies to prevent unexpected failures to your refrigerators with affordable rate. We also make sure to extend your refrigeration system’s life to lower the maintenance cost. We take pride in offering prompt refrigeration repair service with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We all understand the importance of having a refrigerator from the unit that we all possess in our homes. The refrigeration systems that are used for industrial purposes in large food processing and storage companies are much larger and a have a cooling capacity multiplied many times, for keeping all the food items fresh to be delivered to the customers. Central Victoria is home to large number of such companies, especially dairy farms and food farms that need chilling systems on a daily basis. However, having such equipments also mean that they are prone to breaking down from time to time and have to be repaired. Kyabram Refrigeration not only provides cooling systems but they also have an efficient repair service in place to look into such contingencies.

Kyabram understands that how difficult it can be if an entire system stops functioning all of a sudden, because that means that all the food or milk stored with the help of that chilling system might go to waste if not tended to. Hence, Kyabram responds to such repair services as soon as they get a call and they try to reach as soon as practically possible. Depending on the level of repair work that has to be done, the work can be done by a common technician or by someone with greater expertise. The rates of the refrigeration repair services in Central Victoria by Kyabram are very competitive and affordable.

There are no maintenance package in place as yet and nor are there any offers for domestic or commercial repair and services. There are no warranties as such on the repair services because unlike a new item it is extremely difficult to place a repaired item- there is no guarantee when it might break down again. We try and repair as best as we can and if there is an error- which is a rarity- we definitely try and make up for it. We also try and provide maintenance tips to the clients so that they can keep their refrigeration unit in good working order on a long term basis.

We understand that the client invests a lot of money into these equipments and we consider it a responsibility that the clients should get the minimum amount of hindrance from them. At Kyabram, we are always there to help our clients with any queries they might have with regards to repairs.

Thinking of who will repair your refrigerator? Give us a call @ 0358521212 and experience an excellent service!

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