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High Quality Milk Vat Spare Parts For Sale in Central Victoria

Kyabram Refrigeration stocks spare part for many brands of vats.  

Not all parts are listed under the appropriate tab.  Be sure to contact us if you require something that is not shown or  listed.  


Postage added to cost of item and is despatched same day unless otherwise notified.  

Paypal available on confirmation of order via email.

Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley region is very popular because of the milk industry. It is the job and responsibility of the farmers to ensure that their milk stays uncontaminated and fresh till it reaches the people. And we at Kyabram ensure that the milk stays so, so that one can have access to fresh milk. One of the prerequisites of this kind of industry is milk vats to store the milk till they are processed and packaged. There should be a sound refrigeration system in place. However, vats are like any other technical and electrical equipment and they might also suffer from glitches from time to time. In that case, it makes no sense to throw away a perfectly fine milk vat. Rather one should look for vat spare parts for sale and try to get the unit fixed and this is what we can surely help with.

Our refrigeration staff has been working in this industry for so long that they are trained to handle vats and spare parts of practically any brand. We also make sure that they are at least trained in Packo range. We are also registered agents of Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioners- these air conditioners are especially used for large scale commercial use like in cold rooms and other similar facilities. We try and provide the original spare parts but if we cannot locate it and the client is in emergency need, then we also offer the next best spare part available that is compatible with the machine.

We have spare parts for a wide range of vats like Barry Brown Milk Vat, Mueller Vats, Packo Vats, Boumatic Vats, Challenge Milk Vats, Fitzroy and NDA. Apart from them, we are also adept at providing spare parts of other brands and if the farmer has any specific requirement then he just has to place a call. We also sell spare parts nationally. When we are going for a service, we usually try and carry spare parts but they are mostly the general ones. So if we see that a part has to be replaced, we can do it on the spot. However, if there is a bigger problem, if the compressor has to be replaced, then it has to be ordered and it takes at least two days to arrive.

However, we try and provide the best milk vat spare parts in the industry and we have always received positive feedback for their quality and service.

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