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Split System Air Conditioner Prices



Split System Air Conditioner Prices – Best Deal Available


Kyabram Refrigeration Pty Ltd. is a reputable name in the the air conditioning & refrigeration services industry in Central Victoria. We are one of the most talked about refrigeration installation companies, and we offer complete refrigeration solution for both domestic & commercial purposes.


If you are looking for a split system air conditioner for domestic purpose, you will probably want to compare their prices. Kyabram Refrigeration Pty Ltd. offers the best deal on split system air conditioner prices. However, the prices of split air conditioner systems depends largely on the type of system you may purchase.


What factors influence the split system air conditioner prices?


To get a price idea, please visit us and tell us your specific requirement.  Our address is as follows:

Kyabram Refrigeration Pty Ltd
267 John Allan Rd, Kyabram, VIC 3620

Our air conditioner system specialist will give you unbiased advices based on your requirement so that you do not have to break your piggy bank to buy an air conditioner system from us. The price of a system is dependent on various factors. When air conditioners are tagged with price tags the companies look for the following factors:


System’s cooling output in kilowatts (kW) – Price of a split system air conditioner depends on the cooling capacity of the system, which means the cooling output of the air conditioner system in kilowatts (kW). Tell us how large an area you want the system to cool effectively.


Brand – There are some of the big brands playing in the market. The split system air conditioner prices will vary for different brands. Please tell us your brand preferences, if any, and our technical specialist will give you the best prices within your budget.


Star Ratings – The energy efficiency of the system is the determinant of its star rating. Hence the star ratings determines how much an air conditioner system may cost to run per hour. If you are looking for more energy efficient system you will have to opt for more star ratings. This will cost you more than the ones that have less start ratings. Tell us you preferred star ratings.


Other features – There are other features you may have to consider while comparing split system air conditioner prices. Some of the key features that you should be considering are as follows:

  • reverse cycle capabilities
  • inverter capabilities
  • smart phone control
  • other mod cons


So, call us now at 0358521212, and fix an appointment. Let us discuss more and give you the best price.

Your overall prices for the split system air conditioner will also include a nominal cost of split system air conditioner installation. We will charge you this price if and only if we are required to do split system air conditioner installation at your premise. We will not charge you anything extra if we are not required for the installation services.

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