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Smart Ideas For Energy Saving Refrigeration

If you are suffering from paying huge utility bills just for cooling your food than necessary, then it is very important to lessen the consumption of energy. Energy is quite efficient and we should try and conserve it before it depletes. Here, are a few ideas that you can implement in order to carry out energy saving refrigeration.

1. Maintain a specific range for temperature setting

Placing your refrigerator on a low or high-temperature settings than the optimum temperature range will result in excessive consumption of energy. So, it is recommended to refrigerate vegetables, fruits and meat at the specific range as per given in the manual.

2. Try to minimise opening the refrigerator door frequently

Whenever you open the door of the refrigerator the cool air inside escapes, thus resulting the compressor to work harder than usual. Make sure that not to keep the refrigerator door open than necessary and ensure that it is completely closed after you have taken out your food items.

3. Refrigerate hot food only when it cools down

Refrigerating hot food decreases the temperature of the refrigerator temporarily, thus pressurising it to work harder in order to cool the air. So, it is recommended that first cool the hot food and then place it in the refrigerator in order to enhance energy saving refrigeration.

4. Fill up the refrigerator but do not overfill it

Remember no to empty your refrigerator, as when it is full it retains better coolness. So, at least, store bottles of water in the refrigerator this will enable it to recover more quickly after the door has been opened. It is also important to know that overfilling of the refrigerator might lead to blocking the circulation of air inside. Thus, make sure that your refrigerator is never kept empty under any circumstances as well as do not overfill it up.

5. Do not block the air flow passages to and from the condenser coils

The condenser coils of your refrigerator are responsible for its proper functioning. So, cleaning it at least once a year will run the refrigerator more efficiently, thus, saving energy.

There are more such ideas that you can bring into practice, but these ones are more important that affects the efficiency of your refrigerator. Kyabram specialises in offering the best refrigeration solution for your refrigerator. So, regarding any issues, you can definitely contact them for more details.

Significant Energy Saving Tips

As time is progressing the need of significant saving on energy is increasing. This not only helps in reducing the utility bills but, also promises smooth functioning of your refrigeration unit for years to come.


Here are a Few Tips that will Help you in Energy Saving Refrigeration


1. Maintain A Safe Distance Between The Refrigerator And The Walls

In order for the air to circulate freely into the refrigerator, it is important to maintain a minimum gap between the unit and the walls. This prevents the refrigerator from working hard in order to keep the interior cooler, thus saving on energy.

2. De-frost The Refrigerator Regularly

Ice build up or frost increases the use of energy for the motor to keep on running. Make sure that you regularly defrost the refrigerator for it to consume less energy and function smoothly for a long period of time.

3. Minimise Opening the Refrigerator Door Frequently

Opening the door of the refrigerator frequently allows the cooler air to escape outside, thus resulting the compressor to work hard in order to maximize cooling. So, it is recommended to open the door of the refrigerator only when needed. Also, make sure that you close the door completely after your work is done.

4. Clean The Condenser Coil

Dirt and dust might get into the way of the condenser coil and block the air flow required for proper ventilation. In order to avoid this situation from occurring, it is important to make sure that the condenser coils are free from such elements, so that the refrigerator functions smoothly utilising less energy.

5. The Refrigerator Should Be Cleaned

Keeping the interior of the refrigerator clean increase its efficiency and results in less energy consumption. So, it is advisable that at least once in a month clean all the racks and sides of the fridge where you store your food items and drinks.

Following these tips will maintain good health of your fridge, resulting in saving energy as well as keep it functioning for years to come. Kyabram specialises in offering the best refrigeration solution for your refrigerator. So, regarding any issues, you can definitely contact them for more details.

Quick Tips For Split AC Troubleshooting

As the temperature rises, the demand for air conditioning units rises as well. But, at this time if your split system air conditioner stops functioning, then these easy troubleshooting tips can help you fix the problem.


1. Air Condenser Does Not Work

If your air condenser is not running, then check the power outlet and be sure that the unit is plugged in. Another common reason for this breakdown is the thermostat not functioning properly. You can simply solve this problem by adjusting the thermostat and then switching on the system.

2. Air Cooling Is Not Adequate

Inadequate air cooling might be the result of dirty evaporator. Clean the evaporator carefully and allow it to run for few hours. This will improve the flow of air and thus help in getting your room colder then the outside temperature.

3. Air Unit Does Not Cool

If due to some reason your split system air conditioner is not cooling your home though its running, then checking the thermostat will be a great idea. You can also check the condenser to see if any dirt is blocked. Cleaning the condenser on a regular basis will help you to solve the problem

4. The Air Unit Shuts Off Repeatedly

Repeated shutting down of your air conditioning system may occur due to dirty condenser as well as evaporator. So, ensuring that your whole unit undergoes periodical cleaning helps to eliminate the problems and offer you a smooth running of your system.

Considering these useful tips for split AC troubleshooting will help you to maintain it efficient for a long time. For further information contact Kyabram Refrigeration at 0358521212 or simply fill out the contact us form on our website so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Some Facts About Waste Heat Recovery System

What is a waste heat recovery system?

A waste heat recovery system is an energy efficient unit that helps in the recovery of heat from the hot streams. The generated heat from this system is dissipated into the environment. This process involves the generation of a large amount of hot flue gases from boiler, kilns, ovens and furnaces. There are many types of waste heat recovery system.


Types Of Waste Heat Recovery System

1. Recuperators –

Here, the heat exchange takes place between the hot flue gases and the air that passes through the metallic or ceramic walls of the recuperators. On one side, the ducts are present to carry the air for combustion, whereas, the other side features the waste heat stream.

2. Regenerators-

This type of heat recovery system encourages reusing of the heat generated.

3. Heat Pipe Exchanger-

This is considered as one of the best thermal conductors.

4. Thermal Wheel-

Also known as a rotary heat exchanger, this unit consists of a heat absorbing material.

5. Economizer-

Here, the waste heat is passed along the recuperator, in order to decrease the thermal energy intake of the fluid.

6. Heat Pumps-

This allows the use of an organic fluid that influences the regeneration from the waste fluid.

7. Round Around Coil-

This set comprises of a multi-row finned tube coils that are connected to each other by a pumped pipework circuit.

The waste heat recovery system also has certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages Of Waste Heat Recovery System

  • It adds to the efficiency of the process, decreases the cost of fuel and the consumption of energy needed for the process.
  • Reduces pollution.
  • The equipment size reduces as the consumption of fuel decreases. The auxiliary energy consumption also reduces.

Disadvantages Of Waste Heat Recovery System

  • It is extremely costly to implement a waste heat recovery unit.
  • The waste heat generated is often low in quality.
  • Difficult to maintain.
  • This system is comparatively heavy than other heat exchangers.

For further information contact Kyabram Refrigeration at 0358521212 or simply fill the contact us form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Make Your Refrigerator Work More Efficiently?

If your utility bill is being effected by the functioning of your refrigerator, then these tips here will help you make your refrigerator work more efficiently. Thus, cutting down on the utility bill.


1. Cover Up The Back Of The Refrigerator

Place your refrigerator close to a wall, this prevents dust and dirt from getting trapped in the condenser coils. If your condenser coil gets dirty and dust-prone, then it restricts the heat from escaping your refrigerator. Thus, decreasing its efficiency. Vacuum the back of the refrigerator, this increases the efficiency of your refrigerator.

2. Check If the Door Seal Is Loosing Air

Check thoroughly if the door seal of your refrigerator is being kept open. If so, then get it replaced as soon as possible. Loosen refrigerator door seals guide in the air to escape, thus lessening the efficiency of your unit.

3. Cover Your Food When Refrigerating

Whenever you are storing food in your refrigerator, it is very important to cover it. If not covered, then the food retains moisture, thus making the compressor to function twice then the normal functioning to remove it.

4. Cool Down Your Food Before Refrigerating

Storing hot food just from the cooking temperature, will toss your refrigeration function and require double the energy. So, it is recommended to cool the food before refrigerating it, this will help to save on energy, thus make your unit work efficiently.

5. Fill In Empty Space

Do not keep your refrigerator empty. Fill the sides with bottles of water, soda or other beverages so that the energy used is distributed equally all over. It helps to keep your food items cool in the refrigerator and thus, resulting in its efficient functioning.

Following these simple tips will help you in efficient refrigeration. Kyabram Refrigeration is well known in offering the best refrigeration solution to their client. For further information, contact us at 0358521212 or you can simply fill out the form in the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Getting your air conditioning system repaired might become an expensive task. There are some replacements that need a professional outlook, but for simple repairs, you can take up fixing it yourself.


Here, are a few technical tips that will help you to maintain your air conditioning system


1. Examine The Thermostat

A thermostat is the device that helps in heating and cooling at the desired temperature. It is advisable to see that the thermostat of your air conditioning is set to a temperature below the room temperature.

2. Change The Filter

Consistently changing the air filter might save your air conditioning from breaking down. Dirty and clogged filter cause many serious issues in the unit. It inhibits the flow of air, thus, the cooling efficiency lowers down.

3. Melt The Ice

If your air filter gets clogged up, this leads to your system icing up. Using the procedure named Melting The Ice, will save you from this situation. This procedure is carried out by simply switching on the fan mode that melts the ice quickly, thus, resulting in the smooth running of your air conditioning system.

4. Clean The System

Your air conditioning system should be cleaned on a regular basis. Carefully clean the fan blades in the outside unit and remove dirt and debris inside or near the unit. Clean the condenser fin as well as the blades.

5. Observe the Ducts

Carefully check out the ducts for adequate air flow. Dirty ducts tend to block air flow, thus, it needs to be cleaned.

The tips mentioned above will not only keep your air conditioning system working swiftly for years, but will also save a lot of money. For further information contact Kyabram Refrigeration at 0358521212 or simply fill out the contact us form on our website so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Commercial Refrigeration – Does It Need an Upgrade?

In order to enhance the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration and reduce its energy costs, it is very important to upgrade it and make certain improvements on its usage.


Usage OF The Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is mostly brought into use across the food and drink industry. This includes the supermarket, restaurant, clubs, factories and many more such places. Refrigeration has a large contribution in your business’s utility bills, thus upgrading it to a more efficient one will help you in lowering the running cost.

Commercial Refrigeration Needs

If you own a commercial refrigeration system, then firstly, it is important for you to know the needs of refrigeration. This guides you in choosing the perfect refrigeration system as per your requirements. But, if your refrigeration unit is quite old, then purchasing a new and more efficient one will be a wise idea. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with new models that are more energy efficient and have positive environmental impact. These units need less energy to function, resulting in lessening the utility bills. So, it is recommended to invest in a newer and more efficient model. Though, costlier, in the beginning, it will definitely serve you better in the long run.

Here, are a few tips that you can implement in order to reduce the running cost

  • Place the refrigerator away from heat sources and make sure that there is ample space for air flow ensuring proper ventilation.
  • Set the thermostats to the optimal temperature settings as per the user manual.
  • Whenever you are storing food item or drinks, wrap it up to prevent the release of moisture.
  • Make sure the freezer is free from dirt, dust and ice buildup.
  • Turn off the display lighting at night and cover up the unit with a thermal cover.
  • Regular maintenance of the refrigeration unit is a must. This prevents unwanted breakdowns, just during the peak times.

So, upgrading your commercial refrigeration unit with a new one and following the above- mentioned tips will keep your unit run efficiently for years to come. Kyabram Refrigeration offers their clients with the perfect solution to commercial refrigeration. If you require additional information, contact us and we will surely assist you.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

As the price of electricity is rising in the recent years, so opting for something that helps in reducing this cost without effecting the environment is a worthy consideration. Renewable energy is considered as one of the potential solutions for this condition. Since, renewable energy is generated from the natural elements of the earth like sun, water and wind, it is quite environment friendly and cost effective too. With the help of certain technology the power from these sources can be easily converted to energy that can be used in various home applications.


Types Of Renewable Energies For Home

1. Photovoltaic Solar Power

Australia is considered as one of the most sunny places in the world. So, solar energy is considered as a great source to generate electricity. The photovoltaic solar panels can easily be installed on the rooftop in order to capture sun’s energy and convert it to electricity.

2. Wind Turbines

Wind turbines can be usually installed in the non-urban areas where there is less chances of turbulence from built structures. This system uses wind in order to convert it to electricity. 3.

3. Water

Though not as common as solar and wind, but water is mostly used in places where its source is strong enough in order to generate electricity.

These renewable energies have many benefits. Here, is a list of the advantages of renewable energy.

  • Using renewable energy not only reduces carbon emissions in the environment, but, also lowers the cost of the production of energy.
  • The panels used for using renewable energy in order to generate electricity requires less maintenance.
  • It can be used in places where the main grid connection is not available or extremely expensive to install.
  • Since, the energy is generated from sustainable sources, thus there is no fear of it getting depleted as compared to energy produced from coal and other non-renewable sources.

Thus, in order to reduce the electricity cost it is also important to install energy efficient appliances in your home together with the renewable energy techniques. Kyabram Refrigeration makes use of renewable energy. If you have further questions, contact us, we will respond you as soon as possible.

4 Easy Steps To Organise Your Commercial Fridges & Freezers

Commercial refrigeration services inside warehouses and restaurants or even large retail outlets need constant care and monitoring. You can hire a refrigeration mechanic in Central Victoria if you want to keep your cooling systems in top order. Most refrigeration systems fail due to corrosion and dust collection. Sometimes clogged up drains and cracked gaskets are a source of worry too.

Here Are the 4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems In Top Order:

  1. Try and keep the fridge condenser dust free. It is commonly accepted that if the dust and debris accumulate on the compressor coils, it may lead to a slowdown in compressor activity, thus increasing your utility expenses. The compressor then works overtime and gets burnt out. You could just start out with wiping the coils everyday after work hours. Ensuring the cleanliness all year through will half your bills every month!
  2. When you store acidic foods, ensure that the foods are covered and kept aside from the rest of the foods. This helps stem cross contamination and leads to better utilization of power inside your cooling unit. Pickles, green chilies, lime and tomatoes have a tendency to corrode the cooling units. These foods emit acids that can eat through refrigeration lines. It is mandatory that you use non -corrosive plastic containers that can be kept sealed and fresh for a long time.
  3. Clean the drains attached to your cooling unit almost every week. If the pipe of your refrigeration unit gets clogged, ensure that you defrost the unit and free the waste pipes from all oil, grease and food particles.
  4. If the refrigeration unit is showing signs of lowing down and gets heated up on the outside panel, it is definitely due to cracks in the rubber seal. The chilled air often escapes from these cracks and decreases the unit’s performance. If the system peels and cracks, you should use professional help to carry out the preventive checks before the system breaks down. Regular checks also can occur daily after the work hours. You may involve local workmen and cleaners to clean the gaskets.

Ensure that a certified technician visits you atleast once a month, so that costly annual repairs can be avoided. This is mandatory for securing the life of coolrooms and freezers. Minor issues if overlooked can mount up into terrible problems that may affect the efficiency of the cooling unit. It, thus makes bigger sense to keep the freezers under observation all year round!

Increase Your Refrigerator Lifespan & Minimize Fridge Repair Cost

Refrigerators are an indispensable part of our homes. You are dependent on it for your food and water needs. Fridge repairs in Central Victoria can be quite an easy task given the service offered by companies. Fridge repairs will help you curb the energy consumption and also maintain the life of your appliance.

Here Are 4 Ways In Which You Can Easily Increase The Efficiency Of Your Refrigerator And Also Keep It Brand New For Ages To Come:

  1. Ensure that the fridge has a proper air circulation network. Improper air circulation may lead to overheating and if there is insufficient air flow, the condenser will not be able to eliminate heat and create an overheated interior. The compressor of the fridge needs ton be kept cool. Make sure that there is enough space between the wall and the body of the fridge. This should be the case for the entire machine. The back and not just sides need proper air flow. You should clean the coils and make enough room for air to circulate.
  2. Often the door seal of the fridge may not be in good working condition. The door seals are magnetic in the fridges produced these days, however, if the seal is not working properly, get it examined and replace the door bracket. A slight gap can also cause leakage between the door and the body. This will put pressure on the compressor too much thus affecting the system.
  3. Do not open the door too many times to get things out. Opening the door may be quite a necessity in a hot climate where you need to get things out of the freezer, but it is highly recommended that you avoid frequent opening of the door. The compressor has to work hard to cool the air inside the fridge. If you open it many times, warm air from the outside enters the interiors and thus damages the food and beverages stored also affecting the cooling patterns.
  4. As a footnote, most fridges are best kept away from the kitchen heat. If you are cooking or even using the oven for heating your food, you should place the fridge away from the heat. The dishwasher, heating vents and even the fireplace should be at a distance from the refrigerator. Even sunlight can be damaging for your freezer. 

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