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Do not Try DIY while Repairing an AC

Air conditioning seems so common these days. Almost every home or office has an air conditioner and one is so used to enjoying the cool and comfortable interiors. However, like every other electronic equipment, ACs can also break down and refuse to function from time to time. They have to be maintained and serviced meticulously and clean filters are the key to getting cold air.

But in the unlikely event that the AC does stop working, it is best to seek the help of professionals to come and repair them. It is not a good idea to try and repair an air conditioner by yourself because there are lots of complicated ducts and wiring to take care, something that is beyond the grasp of a layman. If anything goes wrong, you would end up jeopardizing the entire system and it is going to cost you a lot more in the long run.

It might seem like a great temptation to try and fix your AC yourself in case there is a problem. And why not? There are dozens of posts on the internet which will promise you that by following the steps, your AC is going to be fixed in no time. In probably, some of them are correct. However, one needs to have a basic idea of wiring and electronics to try something like that. Most of the time, the steps look so simple when they are read, but the actual execution of them becomes a problem. It is never advisable to try something that you are not sure about and that is true for any situation in life.

Most of the time, a common person will not even be able to detect the actual problem, let alone fixing it. It would be like beating around the bush and even then you might end up doing something erroneous? Buying and installing the AC must have cost quite a lot of money. Is it worth it to risk all that just to save a few dollars by not calling an expert who would be able to fix your AC much more efficiently?

For these reasons, it is best not to try DIY methods while repairing an AC. Kyabram Refrigeration PYT LTD has rich experienced air conditioning mechanics who would be able to help you with any of your AC related problems and you can be sure that your cooling system is going to function efficiently throughout.

Identify 3 Common Problems in AC

Although the air conditioner has indeed become one of the most important appliances that we use in our home today, it is not without its set of faults and whatever one might do; being an electrical appliance it is bound to crash from time to time. So never let the AC get in a situation where it becomes impossible to retrieve it. The AC mainly has three common problems and identifying them can help you save a lot of trouble.

  • Faulty Installation:

The one main reason that can give trouble to your AC from the very beginning is faulty installation. During the installation procedure, if the components are not set in properly, then the AC can malfunction. Some glitches might occur unwittingly, but it can still be enormous enough to prevent your AC from working properly. Every little aspect from the mount to the drilling matters in this case.

  • Lack of Maintenance:

After the AC installation, one should keep a regular eye on the AC to check whether it is functioning properly and always pay attention to the maintenance. It might apparently seem that that the air conditioner is working fine, but that can only continue when the maintenance is looked into properly. The filters and the compressors inside the AC should be free of all dirt and dust to give their best performance. One of the ways of detecting whether the AC is working properly is that the air is definitely going to turn warmer than expected.

  • Problem in Electrical Components:

Sometimes, the problem does not lie in the AC at all, but in the electrical components that connect the AC to the main circuit board. The AC consumes a lot of power and the cables should be strong and durable to be able to deliver that power properly, without any hindrance. Always keep an eye out for the fuse since that is the area that is troubled the most. Use the components wisely so that there are least chances of exerting any kind of extra load on the electricity lines.

Kyabram Refrigeration is a pioneer when it comes to solving problems related to air conditioners. They are extremely cautious about the technicalities and the experts are the very best in the business. They provide premium services at affordable rates and they ensure that the ACs run without any glitches.

Leaky Air Ducts

It is absolutely amazing how air conditioning has changed our lives today. We hardly feel the intense heat and pollution and its corroding effects when we are indoors. To keep the air conditioner from crashing and to ensure that it can serve you well for a long time, it is important to maintain it and get it serviced from time to time. However, even then, certain problems plague an AC and one of the most common of them is a leaky air duct. Duct ACs are in certain situations, better than any other kind of AC. However, if the duct has started leaking in any way, then dirt and dust will enter your house through them. It will not only reduce cooling but other kinds of germs and pollutants are also going to enter your home. So it is always important to keep an eye out for leaky ducts.

When the ducts of the AC start leaking, dirt and dust can easily enter the system and reduce the cooling process. The AC also has to work more and harder so that the same amount of cooling can be achieved as set by the user. However, it takes more time to reach that temperature and in the process the air conditioner also consumes more electricity, giving way to a hefty electricity bill at the end of the month. So something that is seemingly as simple like a leaking duct can deteriorate the entire performance of your AC. One good way to avoid this problem is to have the AC serviced at regular intervals. This becomes all the more important if the air conditioner is installed in a comparatively remote area of the house and regular access is not easy. Make it a point to reach out to that area and check the ducts because ducts that are hidden from sight might develop major problems over time. So it is best to nip the problem in the bud, or you might have to end up replacing the entire duct system, making the process costlier and more time consuming.

At Kyabram Refrigeration PYT LTD, there are Australia based expert refrigeration mechanics who can help you make the right kind of choices with regards to buying an AC and also give you tips on its upkeep and maintenance. With their help, it would be very simple to keep your air conditioner is good working condition without any hassle.

Tips to Improve Indoor Environment with AC

It is a common misconception that air conditioners are only useful for turning hot air into cold to provide coolness during intense heat. While that is most definitely one of its most important functions, the usefulness of air conditioners is a lot more. It can be instrumental in improving the overall quality of the air that we breathe in by removing most of the pollutants from indoor air. In an enclosed space, when a lot of people breathe in and out together, there is a chance of breathing in the stale carbon dioxide breathed out by another person. Most of the time, adequate ventilation is not available because the buildings that we reside in today are so closely spaced that it becomes virtually impossible to have some fresh air in. Air conditioners can quickly facilitate the passage of air and most of the germ bearing, air- borne microbes are carried out through them.

Dust and dirt is a part of the lives we lead today, thanks to pollution. It is hard to come by fresh air in the middle of the concrete jungles we inhabit and although we might do a lot in terms of planting trees and increasing greenery, industrialization and commercialization has indeed already taken its toll. It is virtually impossible to find fresh air, except of course, by escaping to the mountains. Air conditioning can remove traces of dirt and dust from the air inside the house. There is less accumulation of dust on the surfaces and the air becomes cooler and cleaner. It is of course important to clean and maintain the AC properly because the filers have to be kept clean at all times for the machine to function efficiently. If there are elderly or children in the house, they are going to benefit immensely from the air conditioning system, giving them a new boost of health and energy, which will take them through their daily lives with ease.

So if you want to give a good and healthy environment for your family, then you should be investing in a good air conditioner. It is no longer an item of luxury but a matter of necessity. Kyabram Refrigeration PTY LTD has some of the best air conditioning options with them for both domestic and commercial use and they can give you the best advice how to install air conditioners in your house.

Some Important Air Conditioning Facts

Air conditioning has indeed become a matter of necessity today. The heat that we have to endure has made it almost impossible to live without an air conditioner. However, before an AC installation, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Maintenance:

    Always make it a point to follow the maintenance regimen clearly for a safe and sound working AC. Call in the experts so that they can have a thorough look and fix all the problems.

  • Filters:

    The cleaner the filters, the colder and clearer air are you going to get from them. Accumulated dust will only clog the air flow and exert more pressure on the air conditioner, which should be avoided.

  • Timers:

    Always use the timer on the AC so that even if you fall asleep the AC does not go on working continuously and overwork itself.

  • Keep the Unit Cool:

    The air conditioner unit can at times stop working if the unit becomes too hot. Try to keep the units cool by installing them in a manner so that the outer units are away from direct sunlight. One can also throw splashes of water.

  • Wrap up for Insulation:

    At times the AC ducts pass through attics and other interior places of the house and they are very warm. The warm air can continuously come in touch with the ducts and warm the air inside, preventing fast cooling.

  • Protect the Compressor:

    The compressor, along with the condenser is the most important part of the air conditioner and its entire functioning depends upon those two units. So it is of utmost important to keep them in good shape.

  • Ensure air flow:

    For the AC to function properly, there should be proper air flow so that the ducts can suck in stale air and bring in fresh air. For this, there should be optimum airflow and ventilation.

  • Repair Leaks and Ducts:

    Try to repair the leaks and faulty ducts on time as they are the most problematic areas. What starts as a seemingly small problem can go on to become a big one and the entire system would have to be dismantled.

Kyabram Refrigeration has been working relentlessly to give their clients the best cooling experience possible. With their expert advice, you can make sure that all the air conditioning problems would be looked into and repaired for a optimum cooling experience.

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