Milk Vats Installation Services

Milk Vats Repairs & Installation Services in Central Victoria

Milk vats are tank like structures that are used to store milk and keep them fresh. At Kyabram, our endeavor is to provide our customers with the best vats and spare parts when they break down and need to be repaired. Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley is a region that is especially famous for its agriculture and food related works. We try to be a part of this growing industry here. We specifically cater to the people of Merrigum, Girgarre, Stanhope, Gunbower, Leitchville, Rochester, Rushworth, Echuca, Finley, Dingee, Tongala, Arcadia, Shepparton, Nathalia, Tatura, Toolambe, and regions. Apart from these areas, we also try and travel to other adjoining areas, depending on the kind of work load we have.

Our work is to provide the best service to the clients and because of this we understand that we have to have a maintenance package in place. We do not have it at the moment but we are working on it. We will put a new staff member in June for the procedure. We pay special attention to cleanliness while installing the system and make sure that the system is guarded against contamination in the best possible manner. This is because milk gets contaminated quite easily and it has to be prevented from germs and microbes. The wash systems have to be working properly. Moreover, the exact sanitation of the vats is not our responsibility since that depends on the farmer and the milk factory. But we try to do our best.

While installing the unit, our staff would make sure that the all the criteria are met. If not they will tell you about it to make the required changes. They are expert in their field and have been working with us for quite some time now. We have always received positive feedback from our clients and this gives us the strength and conviction to go further. The farmers pay a great deal of attention themselves to the vats, but there are times when they might break down and this is where we come in. We try and provide original spare parts to get the unit fixed as fast as possible.

We can say that our prices are very competitive but the client needs to come to us and tell us exactly about the nature of requirement and we will quote our prices depending on it. And they are worth it.