Refrigeration Systems installation Central Victoria

Standard Refrigeration Systems Installation Services & Cost Across Central Victoria

Kyabram Refrigeration is a family owned business. Our refrigeration installation specialists have many years of experience in refrigeration systems installion services. We take great pride in providing the highest quality workmanship for refrigeration maintenance and break-down service in Goulburn Valley and the greater region of Central Victoria, Australia.

We ensure to prevent unexpected failures to your refrigeration systems and extend the life of your equipments which helps in reducing the maintenance costs.

Refrigeration systems are in huge demand in the Central Victoria and adjoining areas because of the sprawling milk collection industry there. It is of primary importance that the milk be kept fresh and free from contamination and for this, a temperature controlled environment is needed which can only be obtained with the help of large scale refrigeration systems. Central Victoria has always been a leader when it comes to farming and Kyabram Refrigeration has been providing the farmers with refrigeration systems for quite some time and we provide them refrigerators for sale.

Our refrigeration installation specialists work closely with Bromic and install Bromic equipments for best results. All the installations are done according to Bromic catalogue and the any further details or information are provided to the clients when they contact us directly, depending upon their exact needs and requirements. We also help in customizing or alter equipments according to specific requirements because we understand that not only farmers need the same kind of equipments. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer care service and we can be contacted over the phone, and an appointment can be arranged even at a short notice. Kyabram works with any farmer or company who has the license to handle refrigerants. This is a safety precaution to ensure that we are dealing with serious people in the industry.

Kyabram pays special attention to details while installing the refrigeration and they look into every aspect starting from electricity consumption to the proper place for installation. We also give the clients useful tip regarding the correct way of installing the system so that they can keep on getting the best service for an extended period of time. We follow the guidelines for installation meticulously and also advice the customers if the facility has to undergo any changes before the installation. At times, the clients are not sure about the kind of refrigeration systems they should get, in case of a new purchase. In such cases, we explain the clients everything about the various models and their modes of installation so that they can make an informed decision.

Kyabram refrigeration has very competitive and affordable rates. We believe in the quality of service that we provide and hence we do not feel to need to offer discounts or packages to attract customers. Or work speaks for itself and we take encouragement from the positive feedback we keep on receiving from our clients.

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