Top Air Conditioning Brands in Australia

Summers are definitely that time of the year when there is a massive increase in the sales of air conditioning units as people queue up to in an attempt to keep their homes and offices sheltered from the searing heat outside. Australia is a major hub where all the major commercial brands in air conditioning converge to boost their sales. However, each brand, though one better than the other, have their unique features and USPs and for a new buyer it can be too overwhelming to sort through all their products and come up with an AC of their choice. Here is brief overview of the air conditioning brands available in the Australian market.

A Guide to Some Top Air Conditioning Brands in Australia

  • Some of the major international brands in Australia are Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, ActronAir and Braemar. It should be mentioned at the very onset that from whichever brand you buy your AC, it would be a smart choice nevertheless. But some of their features are as well.

  • Mitsubishi has been manufacturing premium AC units since 1921. They specialize in making both window mounted and split air conditioners, and they also manufacture compact floor units for those who have a limited floor place.

  • Fijitsu is another major manufacturer of ACs and they manufacture a wide range of models. Be it for home or office you, you are sure to get what you want from their range of wall mounted devices, floor units, floor-ceiling units, ceiling units, ceiling cassettes, duct types and multi-split systems.

  • Daikin is another very well known manufacturer of ACs but apart from all the other models, they particularly specialize in the ceiling units that are centrally suspended from the ceiling and are so located to give uniform cooling to every corner of the room.

  • ActronAir is a relatively new company, established in 1984, but they have already made a great headway by manufacturing some of the best energy efficient units. In a time when saving electricity is a major concern with air conditioners, they are a winner.
  • Braemar is a very reputed name when it comes to air conditioners and they are known for their unique designs. But more than that, they can be termed as pioneers in manufacturing reverse cycle air conditioning and evaporative air conditioning.

All these brands can also help with air conditioning installation and the buyers are sure to enjoy superior cooling or heating with these brands.

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