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Heat Recovery Units


High Quality Heat Recovery Systems For dairy Farmers of Central Victoria

Dairy hot water costs can be significantly reduced with the installation of a heat recovery system.  This system captures the waste heat off the refrigeration cycle to heat incoming water to supply hot water storage systems.

On an existing chiller system, add on features like “heat recovery” are fitted on the chiller as an option before delivery to farm. Two valves sit on the chiller wall ready to connect for future usage. All refrigeration heat exchangers and other components are fitted and ready for that time when heat recovery gets connected. The system can run without heat recovery usage un affected allowing the farmer to connect when time and money allows. Heat recovery is the means where the heat generated in normal compressor usage, is captured and used to heat storage water raising the temperature to approx +/- 65 degrees. This heated water is then used to fill the main dairy hot water systems thus saving money on heating costs using normal electrical heating elements


Lancer Ecco Heat™ is an innovative system that captures the superheat waste from large
 air-conditioning or refrigeration systems and uses it to heat water.
“With a payback of less than 18 months it’s a terrific opportunity for businesses to reduce their hot water energy costs

A Lancer Heat recovery system can reclaim approximately 15-25% of the total heat that would otherwise be rejected by the condenser.    A 50 Kw unit running on R404 will provide approximately 48,000 kJ of energy per hour from the hose systems output.  It will heat 315 lire of water raising the temperature approximately 35 deg. C every hour.  
A 16 kW system will raise the water temperature approximately 12 deg. C every hour.  

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