Glycol Chiller and Heat Exchangers (Plate Coolers)

Chiller systems circulate a glycol solution through plate coolers and cools the milk to within 2 degrees of the water temperature. Glycol chillers are an effective refrigeration system that are widely used in dairy farming to keep milk cool and increase its longevity.

While all instant cooling systems lower milk temperatures, not all operate as efficiently as possible. An air-cooled chiller system can do the cooling faster and efficiently.

Talk to our experienced team and we will apply the correct formulas as these systems are sensitive and proper installation is extremely important.

The complete chiller system is a standalone arrangement, which means less add-on components when installing on site. On the other hand, glycol refrigeration systems can be installed in one effective operation, saving a lot of time. The glycol storage cylinder pumps and accessories are all part of the complete stand-alone package.

It is possible to have a plate cooler and glycol system without the complete glycol chiller Pack, but it is important to discuss one’s individual requirements to find the best solutions suited to your budget and desired outcome.

While a DX system is limited to what it is connected to, a chiller system is not.  Glycol chillers can be used as a complete, total refrigeration and pre-cooling system for all tanks and plate coolers.

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