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At Kyabram Refrigeration, we can offer prices on the  Mitsubuhi Heavy Industries Split system range  (Re brochure link) and will send a fully qualified adviser to your place (who also installs and services) to listen to your needs before offering advise on the requirements necessary to make your home or business comfortable and efficient.

Inverter heat pumps vary the speed of the compressors delivering precise heating as required.  When the inverter heat pump is switched on, the compressor operates at high speed in order to heat the room quickly.  As the room temperature approaches the set temperature the compressor slows down maintaining a constant temperature saving energy and money.

Our professional service team has and will install and maintain all brands of refrigerated air conditioners.

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If you wish to purchase your preferred brand we will install it to the same degree of expertise.

Whether it is trying to keep cool in summer or warm in winter, if you have an air conditioning breakdown, CALL
KYABRAM REFRIGERATION’S TEAM  as we will get you heating or cooling quickly.

MHI Inverter Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Residential or Business –  5 years warranty parts and labour.

Wall split and cassette systems are a popular choice for many Australians.
The indoor unit is mounted on a wall in a living space and is attached to an outdoor unit.

They range in capacities as small as 2.0 kW and as large as 9.2 Kw.
Let us help you size the correct unit to suit your space.

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Spring Service

Before the hot weather starts it’s a good idea to have your system serviced to ensure a fault free operation during the hot summer months
Check the fan belt to see if it has adequate tension
Lubricate the blower assembly bearing and the motor if it has an oil receptacle with the appropriate oil.
Make sure the cooler pads are in good shape. If they are worn replace them
Turn on the cooler motor and pump to test if the cooler pads are getting sated evenly
Check for any insults to the casement or tray’s integrity that could cause a leak. If cracks or holes exists then replace
Check the water to make ensure that it is at the proper level in the tray. Adjust the float arm if the water is not at the proper level.


Autumn Service

As soon as you are certain that you won’t need your evaporative cooler, you need to winterize it
Clean the build-up of mineral deposits so that won’t harden over the winter and become hard to remove
Clean out the tray at the bottom of the cooler, and drain the water completely.
To prevent freezing of the cooler’s water line, disconnect the water line from the cooler and blow out the water
Cover the unit with a tarp or form-fitted cover to protect it from the winter elements.

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