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Managing Director

Angelo D’Augello has been in the refrigeration game for more than 40 years and is a dedicated milk cooling specialist. 

A lot of what I do now is problem solving; we train our team when out on a job site to figure out the best way to get the customer operating again.  

Customer satisfaction and efficient solutions is always a priority. 

“Customers always come first” is the slogan he used to build his own business over 26 years ago.  

In 2015, born out of a necessity, the development of a new associated business has added another dimension to the services already offered at Kyabram Refrigeration.  

KR Chillers is a joint venture between Angelo and Heath the Operations Manager. 

Angelo proudly is the master builder of the KR Chiller Systems and Heath is the engineering master mind with efficiency ratings.   

They are build in Kyabram for our Australian Conditions.   

Heath Nicol has thorough working knowledge of the refrigeration industry having spent his entire career in the field. 

Heath is a design consultant stemming from an earlier career in refrigeration wholesaling and system design. He gained experience in all aspects of the industry across more than 25 years and is a fully qualified refrigeration tradesman.   

Heath manages the day to day operations and ensuring a smooth workflow.   He also partners with Angelo to operate a complementary business called KR Chillers, manufacturing refrigeration chillers that are suitable for vats, air conditioners, cool rooms and vegetable processing equipment.  

“Heath says there are new challenges in the job every day.  And I love the satisfaction when it comes to assisting customers to find practical and efficient solutions” 

Operations Manager

Qualified Refrigeration Mechanic

Bobby Nicol followed his fathers footsteps, Heath Nicol the Operations Manager. 

Bobby is years beyond his age. From the very beginning he embraced the trade and the team at Kyabram Refrigeration has full confidence in his work ethic and ability to problem solve an commit to customer satisfaction.  

No job is too big for Bobby.. His enthusiasm to get the job done efficiently makes him a valuable part of our team.  

Bobby says “ diversity of refrigeration work was varied, with large and small jobs in a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial settings”. 

Since the 1998, Mary has worked side by side with husband Angelo. 

Mary is role involves general administration and financial responsibilities but is always  interested in the various jobs that come and go.   

The team environment is critical to the success of the business and Mary is often included in brainstorming sessions with “the boys” about how best to add value to the work they do.  

Mary says “its an interesting trade”.

Financial Controller

Our Cooling & Refrigeration Services


Air Conditioners

When it comes to air conditioning, Kyabram should be your #1 choice. We provide commercial and residential products, including industrial chillers, home systems, and heat exchangers. Due to our products’ super efficiency, they even help reduce energy costs and provide a quick return on investment!

Farm Refrigeration

We understand that many families across Australia rely on dairy farming as their livelihood. Kyabram supports these families and businesses by providing quality equipment – ensuring full functionality and efficiency with minimal to no breakdowns. We also conduct repairs that allow your machinery to keep producing fresh and delicious milk.

Spare Parts

We provide spare parts for a wide variety of milk vats. Whether you’re running a Mueller Vat, Boumatic Vat, or otherwise, we have the right solutions for you.

Commercial & Domestic Freezers

If you are not properly maintaining your fridge, you increase the risk of contracting food poisoning. Thankfully, we don’t just repair faulty freezers – we also ensure that our clients know what to store, where to store it, and how to defrost their appliance correctly.

Cooling Repairs

Without regular maintenance, your cooling systems don’t last as long as they could. Kyabram Refrigeration specialises in commercial refrigeration repair for all types of cooling equipment to help you get the most bang out of your buck. We also do the same for Australian families with ageing or malfunctioning HVAC systems.

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