Kyabram Refrigeration's Heat Recovery and Efficiency System for Dairies

Heat Recovery and Efficiency Features and Benefits

  • Australian made
  • Low-cost hot water producƟon
  • Large volumes of water heated
  • No electric elements
  • Minimal Moving Parts
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger design
  • 100 % Cleanable heat exchanger
  • Adaptable to any exisƟng refrigeraƟon plant
  • Double Skinned Marine grade aluminium tank with polyurethane insulaƟon (Stainless steel option available)

How it works

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from a product/ place to lower or maintain a temperature and expelling absorbed heat into the surroundings.

Heat Recovery captures the waste heat and recycles it to Heat a product/place in this instance it heats large volumes of water.

In the refrigeration cooling cycle, a circulation pump circulates water from an insulated holding tank through a tube in tube heat exchanger and returns it to the holding tank. Condenser fans are cycled through pressure switches for optimum performance.

Heating Cycle

Stage One

Refrigeration cycle starts and water in the heat recovery heat exchanger is heated to 55° C quickly and circulated around the system from the holding tank

Stage Two

As the water achieves the desired temperature the Condenser fans are cycled on (Via pressure switch) to decrease the condensing pressure and power consumption


Water temperature in excess of 55° C Can be reached (Depending on Milk Volume being cooled) Large volumes of hot water available for multiple uses Wash Plant, Calf Milk Heating, Etc.

Heat Recovery and Efficiency Diagram

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