Optimised to meet specific temperature demands and capacities in HVAC, industrial or hygienic applications and can be used with working pressures up to 25 bar.

Depending on the quality of fluids used gasketed plate heat exchangers are available in a range of high quality plate materials including stainless steel, titanium and nickel to ensure corrosion resistance.

Advantages of plate heat exchangers:

  • Expandable – saves time and money
  • High efficiency – due to pressed patterns in the plates and the relative narrow gaps, very high turbulence is achieved at relative low fluid velocity
  • Compact size
  • Close approach temperature – possible to reach close approach temperatures
  • Multiple duties in a single unit – can be built in sections, separated with divider plates or more complicated divider frames
  • Less fouling – smooth plate surface reduces fouling
  • Lower costs
  • Easy to clean – remove the tie bolts and slide back the moveable frame part, and then the plate pack can be inspected and cleaned

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