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We Stock a Wide Range of Commercial Refrigeration Equipments For Sale Across Central Victoria

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We Stock a Wide Range of Commercial Refrigeration Equipments For Sale Across Central Victoria

Commercial Refrigeration Equipments For Sale

milk vat refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration equipments are in huge demand by the food industries because practically their entire operation is based on the freshness of the food items that they deliver to the clients. At Kyabram Refrigeration, we try to provide them with the best commercial refrigeration equipments for sale, because reduced prices and good quality are always a top priority. We cater to mostly farmers and industrial food houses in the Central Victoria and and Goulburn Valley because this region has always been a major milk production area. They cater to the consumers all around these districts, being home to a large number of diaries, and have provided a steady source of milk and other food items to the people residing there.

Kyabram Refrigeration caters to people who want milk vats, or possess convenience stores that have to house a large amount of food items of all varieties, under a single roof. Butchers need them to keep their meat fresh while restaurants and ice making units also need them for similar cooling reasons. They can be served as displays for various kinds of food items like cakes, cookies, ice creams, juice bars and other kinds of snacks. At this stage Kyabram also caters to design, installation and maintenance and are mostly concerned with the supply and sale of these refrigeration equipments.

The prices of these units vary and the client needs to contact us directly regarding the particular kind of system they might require, but we can say that we have very competitive rates. Not only do we try and keep the costs of installation and maintenance to a minimum, but we also see that they consume less power in long term usage. The experts that we have for commercial installation for the refrigeration equipments are fully trained and they can help you make the right kind of transactions when it comes to buy a refrigeration unit. If you are not sure about the kind of equipment that would be suitable for you, our experts would be happy to assist.

Kyabram is also a certified agent for all Bromic products and a client looking for them can get in touch with us. We try to provide the exact equipment that the clients require. Even if we do not have a particular equipment in stock, we try and locate it and get back to the client as soon as possible. We are happy to say that our customer feedback has always been very positive.

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