Cost Effective Domestic Refrigeration Equipments For Sale Around Central Victoria

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Domestic Refrigeration Equipments For Sale

Domestic refrigeration equipments are in wide demand but most have trouble locating them. That is because it is difficult to come by a good supplier. Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley is a prime location for the milk processing and other kind of industries that need cold room and refrigeration storage. Hence the farmers here are always in the lookout for domestic refrigeration equipments for sale because that enables them to get good units at less prices. Kyabram is one of the premium providers of this kind of equipment and we have been working since 1998 for so that the people around this region can have access to the best of these units.

Kyabram can design split air conditioners for domestic use for up to 9.3 KW. Installing a domestic air conditioner can take some time but we try and do it within a week of the order being placed. We are sometimes taken up by work as we are still trying to improve on this area but we try our very best. However, we do not have ducted air conditioners.

We do not promote them and nor do we have the manpower to work on that area. We also do not buy all fridges. The charges are very competitive and the best in the market. It usually depends on the work load of the project undertaken and how much time it takes to get it done.

We also make it a point to carry authentic spare parts so that we can provide instant replacement as soon as possible. We also have a strong customer service and we try and reach the customer as soon as possible after they have contacted us. The staff that we have is extremely experienced and all of them are background checked as we pay a lot of attention to expertise and the trust placed in us by our clients is very important to us. It is also seen at times that the repair is a major one and cannot be accomplished on location. In that case we take the unit back to the showroom to repair. The transportation costs have to be borne by the customer but we do what we can to bring it down.

For all these reasons, we are proud to say that our client base is steadily increasing and Kyabram is one of the leaders of domestic refrigeration repairs in this area.

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