Air Conditioners

When cooling or heating your home there are many factors to consider especially ongoing running costs, the ease of use and ultimately, your comfort.

Kyabram Refrigeration offers professional industry advice on existing homes and offices or if you are beginning a new project or build please speak to our team about your individual requirements.

Skye finance is available to approved customers at Kyabram Refrigeration.

Split System Air conditioners

Why choose a Split System?

Split systems are designed to cool or heat small to medium spaces whilst providing a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution.

The advantage of split systems is each unit can be controlled individually. Whether you want cooling, heating dry or to simply run the fan mode to circulated the air.

The conditioned space can be accommodated efficiently or switched off if the unit is no longer needed. With a range of control options including wall mounted, handheld or Wi-Fi Control there is a a customisable solution for any room.

The capacity to individually control each air conditioner unit may also result in savings on your electricity bill, with the ability to turn a single air conditioner unit off when it isn’t required. With modern design and quiet operations for peaceful comfort.

Evaporative cooling system

The Kaden Low Profile Evaporative cooler uses natural air to cool your whole house. It contours to your roof to preserve its shape. Available in 4 sizes and 3 colours Charcoal, Terracotta and Beige.

The Kadan Classic Evaporative Cooler cools your whole home with fresh and natural air.  Its stylish look and size make it ideal for replacing older coolers. Available in 4 sizes and 3 colours Charcoal.

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