Packo Milk Cooling Vats For Dairy Farmers – Anywhere in Central Victoria

The dairy industry in Central Victoria is a large one and it caters to a wide consumer base. The number of cattle fed and nourished on this area of land for milk productions is staggering and there are other farmlands as well. The sale and purchase of milk vats is naturally very high in this region because the milk needs to be properly stored, away from any kind of contamination. It has to be kept fresh till it is delivered to the consumers. Kyabram Refrigeration specializes in all kinds of milk vats and Packo milk vats are one of the most in demand.

Kyabram Refrigeration has been into the installation of Packo milk vats for quite some time. They have been into installation of milk vats from 1998. The vats are of top quality and we have the best experts who install the vats according to all the rules and guidelines of the manufacturer. We do not provide any additional warranty to the clients apart from that of the manufacturer nor do we announce any offers or discounts and yet our services our one of the best in the industry. We try to reach our clients as soon as possible in case of a break down because we understand the extent of the damage if a vat suddenly stops working- all the milk inside can go to waste if not tended to.

Kyabram Refrigeration also specializes in designing and customizing milk vats. At times, clients have certain specific requirements according to their business and we can make the desired changes. We usually have a session with the clients and can also visit the site where the vats would be installed. The end result is a fully functional Packo milk vat that gives premium service. We can also provide useful tips to the clients on the proper maintenance of the milk vats so that they be used over an extended period of time.

If clients want to contact Kyabram Refrigeration for Packo milk vats for sale, then all they have to do is contact us over the phone. We can provide all the models of the Packo vats and even if we do not have one in stock, we can get it from the manufacturers if the client places an order. We deliver the vat and install it and also help the clients understand the mechanism so that they can operate it smoothly.

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