Roka – Viking Milk Vats For Dairy Farms

Roka milk vats are one of the most sought after brands among the various vats available in the market. The milk vats are especially in demand in the region around Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley because one of the major industries there is milk production and dairy farming. Hence, milk vats are used in large numbers and Kyabram Refrigeration provides vats to many farmers here. Among them, the Roka milk vats are bought in large number because of their premium quality and affordable pricing. Kyabram can provide the farmers with any of the models that they think would be suitable for their requirements.


Kyabram Refrigeration has been working with the installation of milk vats since 1998. Over the past couple of years, we have seen new technological advances in the field of milk vats. More and more spacious vats that run on less electricity have made its way into the market and Roka provides top grades milk vats that we supply to the clients. When a client contacts us for the purchase of a Roka milk vat in Central Victoria, we give them a detailed overview regarding its many features. The pricing is also very affordable and we offer some of the best prices in the industry. We do not provide any additional discounts or offers but the kind of service we give more than makes up for it.  We also specialize in repair services and the clients can contact us any time if they are in need. We send refrigeration technicians to them as soon as we get a call. Our customer support center can also help with any queries over the phone. We also specialize in customizing and designing milk vats and so if the client requires any additional features, we can try and incorporate it according to the needs of the client. While installing the Roka milk vats we make sure that we follow all the rules and procedures as laid down by the manufacturers so that the unit works flawlessly. We also provide tips to the client on how to best use their vats and how to maintain them for best results.

Kyabram Refrigeration is committed towards providing the best milk vats to the clients. We claim to have expert technicians who are fully aware of the processes of the installation and repair of milk vats and we continue to provide top grade Roka milk vats to the customers.

312680 Pump Housing Rear
312680 Pump Housing Rear Details
336670 – Washing Print Front 55/56
336670 – Washing Print... Details
336680 – Washing Print Bottom RO57/56/55
336680 – Washing Print... Details
335690 – Printed Front
335690 – Printed Front Details
336430 Printed Circuit
336430 Printed Circuit Details
312690 Pump Housing Front
312690 Pump Housing Fron... Details
310000 Sensor 3 phase N1 100
310000 Sensor 3 phase N1... Details
Stainless steel split pins.
Stainless steel split pi... Details
312700  Tube for dosage Pump
312700 Tube for dosage ... Details
312630  Pump Rotor
312630 Pump Rotor Details
312640 Motor for Dosage Pump
312640 Motor for Dosage ... Details
3127510 Grey Seal
3127510 Grey Seal Details
322680 Solenoid Valve 1 way w/coil
322680 Solenoid Valve 1 ... Details
308700 Wash Cap Seal
308700 Wash Cap Seal Details
11563  Wash Cap
11563 Wash Cap Details

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