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Glycol Systems Central Victoria


Environmental Friendly Glycol Refrigeration Systems Throughout Central Victoria

Technology has indeed come a long way and where once it was considered an impossible idea to keep food fresh for an extended period of time, now we have all kinds of equipments in place to make those very systems more efficient and environment friendly. The glycol systems in Central Victoria are one such boon of technology. Central Victoria has always been associated with farming because of the abundance of rich soil that facilitate farming and the near- perfect temperatures that the region enjoys. Not only in terms of growing crops, but the region is also a leader in milk production as the cattle can be raised comfortably on its wonderfully lush farms. The huge number of milk farms and dairies here has given rise to a sprawling industry that has also been the reason of employment for a lot of people in the region. Kyabram Refrigeration caters to the farmers here and provides them with premium quality milk vats, refrigeration system for cooling the milk and other associated equipment, the glycol system being one of them.

Most farms have chilling systems in place to take care of the storage of milk. However, it also means that the process is cost intensive as it requires a lot of power to run these systems. This is where the glycol systems come in- they are there to take the pressure off the main refrigeration system, which only enhances the system, making it easier to cool the milk in reduced time. It is also environment friendly because the milk is cooled without any kind of outside influence which might contaminate the milk in any way. Cooling the milk is a top priority because microbes tend to germinate fast in warmer temperatures and hence quick cooling reduces this possibility. The glycol systems help in doing so, and the refrigeration main system does not have to ensure added pressure either. There is no need to take any added precaution for it as well because the unit consists of some very basic parts like shell and tube, compressor, condenser, thermostats and pumps- nothing out of the ordinary for a regular cooling unit.

The customers can contact Kyabram Refrigeration directly for the prices and rates for the glycol systems in Central Victoria. We have the best experts in the industry who would be happy to assist you with any kind of extra information that you might require for the sale and installation of these units.

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