Industrial chillers play a crucial role in various industries including Dairy, Brewery, Wine, Air Conditioner, Hospitals Equipment, Printers, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries. These water chiller systems are cooling systems designed to manage the cooling needs of large-scale manufacturing processes and industrial applications.

We work very closely with KR Chillers Pty Ltd, our Chiller Engineers, to manufacture and supply chiller systems according to the customer’s specific needs. Our chiller manufacturers design systems that provide precise temperature control to ensure product quality, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

We manufacture and supply industrial water chillers for sale in Australia of different sizes, ranging from 40 kW to 300 kW. We promise superior value and market leadership in refrigeration services in Victoria!

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Kyabram Refrigeration will provide you with unrivalled value and total commitment to quality. We offer first-class air-cooled process chillers for dairy, brewery, aquaculture, manufacturing, and other industries.

Regardless of the extent of your cooling requirements, we can provide them at cost-effective prices. Contact our professionals today if you need a new chiller unit and glycol system!

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Types Of Industrial Chillers In Australia

Winery Chillers

If you are in the wine-making industry, winery chillers are an essential piece of equipment. They help maintain optimal temperatures during the various stages of the wine-making process. To produce a fine-quality wine, temperature regulation is the key at each step of the way – from fermentation to storage.

Winemakers rely heavily on winery chillers to regulate the temperature of grape must, juice, and wine to ensure consistent quality and flavour profiles. Maintaining the proper temperature plays a crucial role in the fermentation process. It not only prevents spoilage but also preserves the delicate aromas and flavours of the wine. They also contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability by reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Distillery Chillers

Similar to the wine-making process, the production of distilled spirits such as whiskey, vodka, rum, and gin also requires precise temperature control. Distillery chillers are used during the distillation process, where volatile compounds are separated and collected at specific temperatures.

Proper cooling is crucial to separating desirable components from unwanted impurities. Distillery chillers also play a role in controlling equipment temperature such as condensers and fermenters consistency in temperature regulation results in high-quality spirits with well-defined characteristics.

Commercial Air Conditioning Chillers

Commercial air conditioning chillers are central cooling systems commonly used in large buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and industrial complexes. These chillers are responsible for cooling and dehumidifying air to create comfortable indoor environments.

These heavy-duty industrial chillers remove heat from the air through a refrigeration cycle and then distribute the cooled air throughout the building. Efficient commercial air conditioning chillers contribute to energy savings, improved air quality, and enhanced occupant comfort. They also help maintain stable working conditions for equipment and processes sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Water Chiller System

Industrial water chillers in Australia are versatile cooling solutions used across various industries. They cool water to a desired temperature and circulate it through processes, machinery, or equipment to prevent overheating. A water chiller system is employed in applications such as laser cutting, medical equipment, plastic moulding, and data centres.

By maintaining consistent temperatures, chilled water chillers enhance the longevity and efficiency of equipment while ensuring the quality of end products. Water chillers also aid in managing waste heat generated during industrial processes, contributing to energy efficiency.


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Experienced In a Wide Array of Applications

With years of experience and industry knowledge, Kyabram Refrigeration is fully equipped to handle a wide array of applications & chiller manufacturers in VIC, Australia. These include inventory for air conditioners, refrigerators, milk vats, water chiller system, cool rooms and more.

We also service industries such as:

  • Dairy
  • Aquaculture
  • Viticulture
  • Brewery
  • Manufacturing
  • Domestic and commercial

We Are Well-Trained & Authorised

Our team members are all licensed refrigeration mechanics who have years of experience in the installations and repairs of industrial chillers. As authorised by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), you can have peace of mind knowing that we can fulfil all your cooling requirements.

We Offer Reasonable & Transparent Prices

We understand that installing or repairing your industrial chiller is an investment. At Kyabram Refrigeration, we value transparency and strive to accommodate every budget. We aim to offer competitive prices and comprehensive services without any extra or hidden charges.

We Guarantee Total Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes, repairs and replacements can be trickier than they appear. We assure you of our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction with our work, no matter the circumstances.

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Chiller systems are an intrinsic part of several industries – dairy, brewery, manufacturing plants, hospitals, air conditioners, and more. You need reliable and efficient industrial chillers to ensure productivity and uninterrupted workflow.

If you value high-quality cooling products, long-term working partnerships, and excellent service, Kyabram Refrigeration is your chiller manufacturer! Contact us today for Victoria’s best refrigeration sales, installation, and services.

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