We Build High Quality Mobile Coolrooms According to your Specifications

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We can manufacture your next cool room to size on either  a skid or mobile trailer. We can tailor it with the right type of racking or shelving for your needs. 

Have your refrigeration unit sized up correctly with our professional  team to suit the correct load capacity.  

We use only quality products build the highest quality cool room. 

Cool room kits are available if you wish to build your own. 

Coolrooms are a must for any kind of food processing firms. The temperature control is a major factor for keeping food fresh for a long time. They have to be delivered without any kind of contamination and the cool rooms should be working continuously. Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley has a large industry that processes milk and other food items and the farmers here are in the constant need for efficient coolrooms. Kyabram has been working since 1998 and we have developed a steady client base that comes to us with their requirements.

Kyabram provides guidance for DIY assembling of mobile cool rooms. They are one of the major causes of the rising sales. We have a kit and that contains all the essential items for the assembly. These kits come with a set of instructions and our staff can also help with them. We also provide the lighting and total electrification of the cool rooms and try to ensure that they are energy efficient. This is of paramount importance to the farmers here because cost saving is a major criteria for them. We also have an emergency service in place in case a coolroom break down and stops functioning because we understand that the room needs immediate attention or else or the food products are going to suffer. So we try and fix the rooms as soon as possible and try to reach as soon as the clients contact us.

We can also proudly say that we can design a mobile coolroom of almost any dimension. There are practically no limitations to the size of the rooms that we can design. For the basic charges of the coolrooms, the clients need to contact us directly. We do not offer any discounts because firstly, our rates are quite affordable. Moreover, we believe that our work speaks for itself and we do not need to lure in customers with discounts. We do not have a maintenance service package in place right now but we are also planning to work on it in future. We are also planning on adding some more features for our customer support because we want to make the experience smoother for our clients.

Because of these facilities, we can cater to almost all the needs of the farmers who work in and around this region and we believe we are doing our bit by contributing to the growth of this region.