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Mueller Vats

There is no dearth of milk vats companies who manufacture milk vats of the highest international standards. However, for the general customer it might be too overwhelming to know about all of them in details and to make a purchase. Things can prove to be more difficult for someone who is absolutely new to this industry. At Kyabram Refrigeration we can offer many options but one of the best milk vats to start working with is the Mueller milk vat. The brand is synonymous with some high end milk vats which are spacious and technologically advanced. We mostly cater to the region in and around Central Victoria and Goulburn Valley because of the high numbers of farms here and the farmers and dairy owners regularly need milk vats for the proper storage of milk.

At Kyabram Refrigeration we provide installation as well as repair services for Mueller milk vats in Central Victoria. We have been working as a company since 1998 and we are experts in determining the needs and requirements of the clients. The clients can contact us and consult us personally if they want additional information on the Mueller vats or want to go through the various models.

The brand offers warranty on all its products and we do not offer any additional warranty apart from that. We make it a point to follow all the instructions meticulously as prescribed by the manufacturer so that there are no operational glitches after installation. If the client is unsure about the site of installation, we can also survey the area and prescribe if any changes have to be made or if any additional infrastructure is required.

We also provide useful tips to the client so that he can maintain the vats with ease. We provide expert repair services and should the vats break down at any point of time, we are just a phone call away. Our rates are extremely competitive and we do not provide any offers or discounts. In case the client needs any spare parts, we can also provide them. We go on the spot to repair the vats and only if the problem is a major one, do we bring it back to the workshop to repair it. The client needs to pay for the delivery. Our quality of work speaks for itself and we are proud to stay that our client base is steadily increasing.


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