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Specialized in Commercial Refrigeration Repairs & Services Around Central Victoria

SALES  and SERVICE  to a range of  Commercial refrigerated equipment.


Stainless Steel, Glass doors, Food display units designed and ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, juice bars, snack and lunch shops, sandwich or salad bars, cake displays etc…. 

Authorized service agent for all Bromic Refrigeration Products.

Get in touch with Kyabram Refrigeration for affordable, economical commercial refrigeration. We offer designing, installation, and repair and maintenance service for:

  • Dairy Farming
  • Hotels and Clubs
  • Restaurants and Cafeterias
  • Coolrooms

Kyabram Refrigeration has the efficiency to design commercial refrigeration units as per your requirements. Our installation process is efficient and accurate enough to save on your energy bills.


Some of our Commercial Refrigeration Services Include:


Cool Rooms- Installation and Repair

Whether you are looking to purchase a new cool room or require to hire one, Kyabram Refrigeration can help you. These cool rooms are a good investment to upgrade your business that deals with frozen and perishable products. We are able to design a cool room as per your specifications. We allow customized shelving and racking options and a varied loading capacity that would suit your business best and be economical too. Kyabram Refrigeration also sells cool room kits in case you want to design your cool room yourself.

Commercial Display Cabinets- Sale and Installation

Retail outlets and super markets require commercial refrigerated display cabinets. We can provide horizontal and vertical display cabinets as per your needs and install it at your site at affordable rates.

Milk Vats- sale, installation, Repair and Maintenance

For dairy farmers refrigerated milk vats are an essential product. Kyabram Refrigeration has a wide range of new and old milk vats to cater to their needs. We stock reputed brands of milk vats manufactured with the latest technology for controlling temperature to maintain the quality of fresh milk. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week to attend any emergency repair services for the dairy farmers. We have adequate back up team to conduct regular repair and maintenance service milk vats and other cooling units.

Glycol Cooling System- Sale, Repair and Maintenance

Instant cooling is mandatory in dairy farming for quality maintenance. Before being transferred elsewhere, the Glycol refrigeration system provides that. A Glycol system saves a large amount of energy than milk vats. Kyabram provides the dairy farmers with Glycol chillers and has efficient facilities for repair and maintenance of these units.

Why would you choose Kyabram Refrigeration for commercial Refrigeration Sales and Services?

We can give you a few reason why – they are:

    • Excellence in customer care service
    • Experience you can trust
    • Trouble free installation service
    • Maintenance of safety is our priority
    • Authorized ARC business

Kyabram Refrigeration offers commercial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration repairs service across Central Victoria- mainly in the Goulburn Valley, Northern Victoria and Southern Riverina dairy farming districts.

Visit  for all specifications.

Call us for a price on any of these products.

Many Bromic Products to choose from.

For getting the service of the specialists in commercial refrigeration sales, repair and maintenance service in Central Victoria contact Kyabram Refrigeration at:


267 John Allan Rd, Kyabram, VIC 3620.

Phone Number: 0358521212


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