4 Easy Steps To Organise Your Commercial Fridges & Freezers

Commercial refrigeration services inside warehouses and restaurants or even large retail outlets need constant care and monitoring. You can hire a refrigeration mechanic in Central Victoria if you want to keep your cooling systems in top order. Most refrigeration systems fail due to corrosion and dust collection. Sometimes clogged up drains and cracked gaskets are a source of worry too.

Here Are the 4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems In Top Order:

  1. Try and keep the fridge condenser dust free. It is commonly accepted that if the dust and debris accumulate on the compressor coils, it may lead to a slowdown in compressor activity, thus increasing your utility expenses. The compressor then works overtime and gets burnt out. You could just start out with wiping the coils everyday after work hours. Ensuring the cleanliness all year through will half your bills every month!
  2. When you store acidic foods, ensure that the foods are covered and kept aside from the rest of the foods. This helps stem cross contamination and leads to better utilization of power inside your cooling unit. Pickles, green chilies, lime and tomatoes have a tendency to corrode the cooling units. These foods emit acids that can eat through refrigeration lines. It is mandatory that you use non -corrosive plastic containers that can be kept sealed and fresh for a long time.
  3. Clean the drains attached to your cooling unit almost every week. If the pipe of your refrigeration unit gets clogged, ensure that you defrost the unit and free the waste pipes from all oil, grease and food particles.
  4. If the refrigeration unit is showing signs of lowing down and gets heated up on the outside panel, it is definitely due to cracks in the rubber seal. The chilled air often escapes from these cracks and decreases the unit’s performance. If the system peels and cracks, you should use professional help to carry out the preventive checks before the system breaks down. Regular checks also can occur daily after the work hours. You may involve local workmen and cleaners to clean the gaskets.

Ensure that a certified technician visits you atleast once a month, so that costly annual repairs can be avoided. This is mandatory for securing the life of coolrooms and freezers. Minor issues if overlooked can mount up into terrible problems that may affect the efficiency of the cooling unit. It, thus makes bigger sense to keep the freezers under observation all year round!

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