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Quick Tips For Split AC Troubleshooting

As the temperature rises, the demand for air conditioning units rises as well. But, at this time if your split system air conditioner stops functioning, then these easy troubleshooting tips can help you fix the problem.


1. Air Condenser Does Not Work

If your air condenser is not running, then check the power outlet and be sure that the unit is plugged in. Another common reason for this breakdown is the thermostat not functioning properly. You can simply solve this problem by adjusting the thermostat and then switching on the system.

2. Air Cooling Is Not Adequate

Inadequate air cooling might be the result of dirty evaporator. Clean the evaporator carefully and allow it to run for few hours. This will improve the flow of air and thus help in getting your room colder then the outside temperature.

3. Air Unit Does Not Cool

If due to some reason your split system air conditioner is not cooling your home though its running, then checking the thermostat will be a great idea. You can also check the condenser to see if any dirt is blocked. Cleaning the condenser on a regular basis will help you to solve the problem

4. The Air Unit Shuts Off Repeatedly

Repeated shutting down of your air conditioning system may occur due to dirty condenser as well as evaporator. So, ensuring that your whole unit undergoes periodical cleaning helps to eliminate the problems and offer you a smooth running of your system.

Considering these useful tips for split AC troubleshooting will help you to maintain it efficient for a long time. For further information contact Kyabram Refrigeration at 0358521212 or simply fill out the contact us form on our website so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Make Your Refrigerator Work More Efficiently?

If your utility bill is being effected by the functioning of your refrigerator, then these tips here will help you make your refrigerator work more efficiently. Thus, cutting down on the utility bill.


1. Cover Up The Back Of The Refrigerator

Place your refrigerator close to a wall, this prevents dust and dirt from getting trapped in the condenser coils. If your condenser coil gets dirty and dust-prone, then it restricts the heat from escaping your refrigerator. Thus, decreasing its efficiency. Vacuum the back of the refrigerator, this increases the efficiency of your refrigerator.

2. Check If the Door Seal Is Loosing Air

Check thoroughly if the door seal of your refrigerator is being kept open. If so, then get it replaced as soon as possible. Loosen refrigerator door seals guide in the air to escape, thus lessening the efficiency of your unit.

3. Cover Your Food When Refrigerating

Whenever you are storing food in your refrigerator, it is very important to cover it. If not covered, then the food retains moisture, thus making the compressor to function twice then the normal functioning to remove it.

4. Cool Down Your Food Before Refrigerating

Storing hot food just from the cooking temperature, will toss your refrigeration function and require double the energy. So, it is recommended to cool the food before refrigerating it, this will help to save on energy, thus make your unit work efficiently.

5. Fill In Empty Space

Do not keep your refrigerator empty. Fill the sides with bottles of water, soda or other beverages so that the energy used is distributed equally all over. It helps to keep your food items cool in the refrigerator and thus, resulting in its efficient functioning.

Following these simple tips will help you in efficient refrigeration. Kyabram Refrigeration is well known in offering the best refrigeration solution to their client. For further information, contact us at 0358521212 or you can simply fill out the form in the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Getting your air conditioning system repaired might become an expensive task. There are some replacements that need a professional outlook, but for simple repairs, you can take up fixing it yourself.


Here, are a few technical tips that will help you to maintain your air conditioning system


1. Examine The Thermostat

A thermostat is the device that helps in heating and cooling at the desired temperature. It is advisable to see that the thermostat of your air conditioning is set to a temperature below the room temperature.

2. Change The Filter

Consistently changing the air filter might save your air conditioning from breaking down. Dirty and clogged filter cause many serious issues in the unit. It inhibits the flow of air, thus, the cooling efficiency lowers down.

3. Melt The Ice

If your air filter gets clogged up, this leads to your system icing up. Using the procedure named Melting The Ice, will save you from this situation. This procedure is carried out by simply switching on the fan mode that melts the ice quickly, thus, resulting in the smooth running of your air conditioning system.

4. Clean The System

Your air conditioning system should be cleaned on a regular basis. Carefully clean the fan blades in the outside unit and remove dirt and debris inside or near the unit. Clean the condenser fin as well as the blades.

5. Observe the Ducts

Carefully check out the ducts for adequate air flow. Dirty ducts tend to block air flow, thus, it needs to be cleaned.

The tips mentioned above will not only keep your air conditioning system working swiftly for years, but will also save a lot of money. For further information contact Kyabram Refrigeration at 0358521212 or simply fill out the contact us form on our website so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the Costs of Air Conditioning?

Before buying any product or service, we always worry whether it is within our budget or not. The same goes with AC- one of our first questions is that how much does air conditioning cost? A market overview will give you a variety of prices, but it is important to understand that the cost of the AC is not dependent on the unit alone. There are some other charges to consider as well and together they would add up to the total cost of getting an air conditioner.

  • Unit: The first thing to consider is of course the unit. Everything depends on the brand you buy and the model you choose. Various brands have various prices and they also differ in features. Make it a point to go through all the features of a particular AC before you finally zero in on it.
  • Installation: Some manufacturers or suppliers might install the AC free of charge if you are buying the AC from them. However, some might charge extra for the delivery and installation. Similarly, if you have bought the AC online, you might have to look for an independent installer and he will of course, charge extra.
  • Extended Warranty: Every air conditioner comes with its warranty, which is usually of one year. However, extended warranty is available if you pay a little more. This would keep your AC safe and all repairs would be taken care of under the warranty in case any anomaly occurs. If you decide to pay for it, then that cost would add up.
  • Maintenance: While selecting a particular brand or manufacturer, be sure to enquire about their customer care services and the maintenance facilities. ACs have to be serviced regularly if you want to keep them working flawlessly and so it is essential to enquire about their servicing charges because that will give you a fair idea how much would you end up paying in the long run.
  • Components and Parts: At times, if a major issue occurs with the AC and your unit is beyond the warranty, you will have to pay for the parts and components. Some of them might be very expensive. While you do not have to worry about them while you are newly installing the AC, this is something that you might have to consider later, so enquire beforehand about the prices and costs of the component parts of the brand that you are deciding to buy.

What kind of Air Conditioners should you invest in?

Air conditioners are no longer an item of luxury anymore, but an item of necessity. The manufacturers understand this and with global warming taking its toll on the environment, it has indeed become difficult to stay out of temperature controlled rooms. However, the important question is, which air conditioners should one buy? There are too many brands and manufacturers in the market and though some of them are extremely reputed, they are quite expensive as well.

On the other hand, one might take the risk of opting for a cheaper brand, but one never knows how good the unit might be. air conditioner prices can vary a lot depending upon the extra services that the manufacturer might provide.

To start with, do not just look at the air conditioning unit but at the entire package. While researching split system air conditioners, you might find a particular brand that has a very high price. Under normal circumstances, you might just move past and look for something closer to your budget. However, take a pause to consider a few facts- why is this brand charging so much more than the others? It is often seen that these manufacturers might also provide installation services, extended warranty, and service and maintenance facilities as well. So if they charge a little more initially, you might still stand a chance to get a deal compared to other ACs, where you might be paying a little less, but would have to pay a lot more if you look at the other aspects independently.

In case you are not sure about the brands of air conditioners that you see around you, it is better to stick to the tried and tested names like Samsung, Toshiba, Daikin, Hitachi and Mitsubishi and other such brands. You can at least be sure that you are not walking into a scam by buying their products and you can also be assured about the performance and longevity of the units to a large extent. If you want any special features like ceiling suspension ACs or energy saving ACs, you can then enquire individually regarding which brand has the best in this regard.

Look on your air conditioner as an investment which would not only help you live more comfortably, but also give you a cleaner and healthier air to breathe in, which is going to add to your prosperity.

What should you Know about Various Split Air conditioner Installation Prices

Air conditioner installation can turn out to be a very expensive process if not done properly. A lot of careful research and investment goes into choosing the perfect air conditioner, and so it would only be carelessness not to pay as much attention to the installation procedure. Or else, faulty installation can prevent you from getting the optimum performance from your ACs. However, most customers often face a question while installing ACs- that is, they feel there is a difference of costs and air conditioning prices while installing split ACs and they often wonder why.

To state it simply, one of the major differences in pricing is because of the quality of service provided by the installers- installations that are quick and easy and promise “fast” installations would automatically cost less. These services hardly look into the surroundings and often problems crop up after the installation is complete. The AC is sometimes not positioned properly or might show other anomalies.

On the other hand, an installation servicethat charges a little more might have something more to offer as well. They are not just concerned with the installation, but will also look into the overall structure to ensure whether it is conducive to the installation of the unit and would also recommend any changes that might be required. The installation of the ACs should be overlooked by experts and they would make the necessary arrangements.

On the other hand, some installers might advertise the procedures as very cost effective and might quote a very low price. However, they either forget to deliberately do not include the electrical costs and once they are added, you will find that the costs go up might higher. It is necessary to enquire about hidden costs for this very reason. Some installers also charge less if the unit has also been brought from them. Wholesale rates are another reason why the prices of some installers might less than others. Since split system air conditioners are more in demand these days, some also charge less to boost their sales.

If the units are bought online, then the buyers would have to look for installers entirely on their own. If any maintenance is required, there is no way to contact the manufacturers and so the charges of independent installers might be higher.

Hence, the difference in air conditioning installation costs can differ from location to location for all the above mentioned reasons.

A Guide to Air Conditioning Service for Improved Performance

It is almost impossible to think of a life without air conditioning- most of us are not able to stay outside temperature controlled environments for extended periods of time. However, running the AC all day can put undue pressure on the unit and its component and to keep it is perfect working order, it is important to maintain it properly. Unfortunately for us, there are so many DIY posts on the internet and many tend to think that they will be able to take care of their AC all by themselves. The truth being, it is always advisable to have an expert look over the air conditioning service.

Simple Tips to Improve Air Conditioning Service

To start with, most contemporary air conditioning units seem very easy to service, like the split ACs. The outer unit can just be washed over while the air filters can be removed manually to be washed. What is tricky here, is that the filters themselves can pose a risk if not cleaned properly. All the dust, grime and pollution is filtered through them which means a lot of dust particles and pollens, along with insect eggs and other microscopic elements are blocked inside them. If the filters are not cleaned out properly, you and your family members are very likely to inhale them, and that can give rise to a multitude of ailments. What is worse, that you would be clueless about how you got them in the first place, and will not be able to stop it from spreading. You would have no idea that the illnesses were caused because of your air conditioner filters not being cleaned properly.

In the split air conditioners, one might have to add gas from time to time, during air conditioning repairs. However, this is something about which only the professionals would be able to tell you as they have the required tools and equipments to check the pressure of the gas inside. Moreover, while filling the gas, certain precautions have to be taken to avoid spillage. It would not be possible for a layman to keep track of these aspects if they are not sure about how to do it. In the process, you would end up doing more harm than good, and it might cost you more money in the long run.

For all the above mentioned reasons, it is better to opt for professional air conditioning maintenance, and your AC will continue to perform well for year.

Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs this Winter

Much as we all prefer to stay within a temperature controlled environment, as that is infinitely more comfortable, it is also a blaring fact that air conditioning prices have increased in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Although we need ACs the most during the summers, we also need them at times during the winters, to reverse the cooling and to keep the rooms warm. However, this is definitely the time when you can save a lot on the prices of air conditioning.

Here are Some Tips to Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs

  • Make sure that you clean the filters in winters at well. Most assume that since the amount of dust and grime in the air is comparatively lesser during the winters, there is no need to clean them as much. This is an erroneous idea since the AC will continue to filter the dust from the air with the same intensity, and clogged filters would mean that it would have to exert extra pressure for doing so, which in turn will cause the motor to work harder, and thereby consume more electricity.
  • If you are using the air conditioning system in winters for keeping your rooms warmer, then you can invest in window coverings like drapes and shutters to keep out the cold droughts. They only tend to make the air inside colder, which in turn will require more heating by the AC. Similarly, when it is sunny outside, remove the coverings to let in as much sunshine as possible. That will help to keep your rooms warm naturally, and will not only reduce the use of AC, but also the use of artificial lights.

  • A loose duct in the AC can cause air to leak out, which means that the rooms do not heat or cool as it should. If it takes more time than usual, it means that the ACs would have to be kept running for longer, thereby consuming more energy, which would be reflected in the electricity bills. AC ducts can run through inner walls and attics, and hence you should all in the professionals at least once before the winters to check that all the fixtures, wirings and ducts are properly installed.

These are a few basic steps, but by being a little careful, you will end up saving a lot on your AC in the long run.

Commercial Air Conditioning Benefits

The Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning for Industries

Almost every business starts with the motive of profit making and the entrepreneur has to take certain measures to ensure the growth and success of his business. A business needs a particular amount of investment and certain things should be in place from the very beginning. For most food processing and storage industries, and even for other kinds of business, commercial air conditioning plays a major role. Unfortunately, some business owners fail to recognize its many benefits and look upon it as a matter of luxury, and not necessity.

It is true that commercial air conditioning units can be expensive to set up and for a small business owners, it might not be an option at the very beginning. However, the need for this is not simply to relax in a temperature controlled environment. It has been scientifically proven that air conditioning goes a long way in keeping indoors free from dust, grime, pollution and purifies the air like few else does. Most of the microbes grow in a damp and humid environments and the coolness within can thwart their growth. When a lot of people are working under the same roof and in an enclosed place, air conditioning is almost mandatory to give the workers a hygienic environment to work in. Instead of looking on it as a luxury, see it as an investment, because happier and healthier workers will only generate more productivity for your business.

On the other hand, commercial air conditioning is mandatory in the restaurant business, in storage facilities, milk farm and dairies, food processing industries and cool rooms and the like. In fact, lack of proper cooling can seriously jeopardize the business and it is essential to have the experts install a system that is energy efficient and easily operated. Preservation if food products under a particular temperature are important to keep them fresh until they are delivered to the customers. However, with global warming, the temperature in general is much higher than before and it is impossible to store anything outside commercial cooling systems. If you want to reduce costs in the long run, then keep upgrading the systems, because thanks to technology, a lot many advances have been made in the field of electronics to generate more while consuming less electricity.

If you have not installed commercial cooling systems till now, go ahead and do it and once they are installed, you are sure to wonder why you kept it for so long.

Top Air Conditioning Brands in Australia

Summers are definitely that time of the year when there is a massive increase in the sales of air conditioning units as people queue up to in an attempt to keep their homes and offices sheltered from the searing heat outside. Australia is a major hub where all the major commercial brands in air conditioning converge to boost their sales. However, each brand, though one better than the other, have their unique features and USPs and for a new buyer it can be too overwhelming to sort through all their products and come up with an AC of their choice. Here is brief overview of the air conditioning brands available in the Australian market.

A Guide to Some Top Air Conditioning Brands in Australia

  • Some of the major international brands in Australia are Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, ActronAir and Braemar. It should be mentioned at the very onset that from whichever brand you buy your AC, it would be a smart choice nevertheless. But some of their features are as well.

  • Mitsubishi has been manufacturing premium AC units since 1921. They specialize in making both window mounted and split air conditioners, and they also manufacture compact floor units for those who have a limited floor place.

  • Fijitsu is another major manufacturer of ACs and they manufacture a wide range of models. Be it for home or office you, you are sure to get what you want from their range of wall mounted devices, floor units, floor-ceiling units, ceiling units, ceiling cassettes, duct types and multi-split systems.

  • Daikin is another very well known manufacturer of ACs but apart from all the other models, they particularly specialize in the ceiling units that are centrally suspended from the ceiling and are so located to give uniform cooling to every corner of the room.

  • ActronAir is a relatively new company, established in 1984, but they have already made a great headway by manufacturing some of the best energy efficient units. In a time when saving electricity is a major concern with air conditioners, they are a winner.
  • Braemar is a very reputed name when it comes to air conditioners and they are known for their unique designs. But more than that, they can be termed as pioneers in manufacturing reverse cycle air conditioning and evaporative air conditioning.

All these brands can also help with air conditioning installation and the buyers are sure to enjoy superior cooling or heating with these brands.

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