5 Easy Steps To Keep An Organized Fridge

If you are interested in keeping food healthy and safe for longer periods of time without affecting the food value of the items stored, you should read this. Most of us struggle to keep our refrigerators stacked up with food but also worry about whether too many items stored is bad for the freezer longevity. How to maintain our fridge you ask?

Here Are 5 Ways To Keep The Natural Goodness Alive And Keep The Food Value High Despite The Rising Temperatures Outside And The Need To Stock Up On Items:

If you are storing butter, make sure that you do not spoil the half used butter slab in the package it was originally bought from. Having a butter dish is always very good. This keeps the butter intact without wastage and also preserves the food value.

  1. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat bread for breakfast, you need to keep the few slices of bread in a bread container rather than keeping the slices packed in a plastic. Standard bread slices can be stored in a container and does not use up any space.
  2. Instead of storing pieces of vegetables such as pickles and garlic, ginger or chilies in plastic storage containers inside the vegetable section of the fridge, it makes sense to grind them into a paste and store them in glass jars. These jars are air tight containers and save the nutritional value while giving that added zing to food dishes.
  3. If you are serving condiments for your food, you should be reading this. Bay leaves, cinnamon, cashew nuts, raisins and cloves need to be kept in zip locked packages. This prevents air from entering and keeps the freshness alive in the spices.
  4. Fruits and vegetables need to be diced and chopped and stored in air tight containers. If you are hoarding them in a bunch, they may even rot inside the vegetable and fruits tray inside the fridge.

Remember that the door is the warmest portion of the entire fridge and vegetables or fruits, eggs and milk are not placed in there. The trickiest part of organizing food inside the fridge is when you place raw meat. Make sure that the meat is cleaned well and saved in zip locked dishes and silver foils.