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Moving forward with planning ahead for the phase out of R22.

Do a health check on all your refrigeration systems.   R22 refrigerant will still be available for a while longer but the price will always be on the increase as supply and demand take effect.    Some of the older air conditioners still use R22, but our concern at the moment is for dairy refrigeration systems for the obvious reason that they can hold up to 40 kg of refrigerant.

If you do the maths… that is approx..   $10,000 breakdown costs on dairy refrigeration plant.   

Our experiences shows that there a various breakdowns that cause a system to loose large quantities of gas.   Cracked pipes, internal leaks in that vats structure, leaking seals etc.   These large loses add up to a large amount of money, money better spent on upgrading to a more efficient refrigerant system.   Saving money in both refrigerants and electricity. 





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In the meantime, price up a retro fit system so you can budget it on and be prepared.  Maintain your current system and actually get a health check report done on your current system now.

Talk to the field officers about finance and what is available to you and be a leader in your game and get smart about how you think in regards to cooling your milk smartly and efficiently. 

Don’t wait for tomorrow what can be done today!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.  Alternatively, contact us by phone.

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