Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Getting your air conditioning system repaired might become an expensive task. There are some replacements that need a professional outlook, but for simple repairs, you can take up fixing it yourself.

Here, are a few technical tips that will help you to maintain your air conditioning system

1. Examine The Thermostat

A thermostat is the device that helps in heating and cooling at the desired temperature. It is advisable to see that the thermostat of your air conditioning is set to a temperature below the room temperature.

2. Change The Filter

Consistently changing the air filter might save your air conditioning from breaking down. Dirty and clogged filter cause many serious issues in the unit. It inhibits the flow of air, thus, the cooling efficiency lowers down.

3. Melt The Ice

If your air filter gets clogged up, this leads to your system icing up. Using the procedure named Melting The Ice, will save you from this situation. This procedure is carried out by simply switching on the fan mode that melts the ice quickly, thus, resulting in the smooth running of your air conditioning system.

4. Clean The System

Your air conditioning system should be cleaned on a regular basis. Carefully clean the fan blades in the outside unit and remove dirt and debris inside or near the unit. Clean the condenser fin as well as the blades.

5. Observe the Ducts

Carefully check out the ducts for adequate air flow. Dirty ducts tend to block air flow, thus, it needs to be cleaned.

The tips mentioned above will not only keep your air conditioning system working swiftly for years, but will also save a lot of money. For further information contact Kyabram Refrigeration at 0358521212 or simply fill out the contact us form on our website so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.