Commercial Refrigeration – Does It Need an Upgrade?

In order to enhance the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration and reduce its energy costs, it is very important to upgrade it and make certain improvements on its usage.


Usage OF The Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is mostly brought into use across the food and drink industry. This includes the supermarket, restaurant, clubs, factories and many more such places. Refrigeration has a large contribution in your business’s utility bills, thus upgrading it to a more efficient one will help you in lowering the running cost.

Commercial Refrigeration Needs

If you own a commercial refrigeration system, then firstly, it is important for you to know the needs of refrigeration. This guides you in choosing the perfect refrigeration system as per your requirements. But, if your refrigeration unit is quite old, then purchasing a new and more efficient one will be a wise idea. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with new models that are more energy efficient and have positive environmental impact. These units need less energy to function, resulting in lessening the utility bills. So, it is recommended to invest in a newer and more efficient model. Though, costlier, in the beginning, it will definitely serve you better in the long run.

Here, are a few tips that you can implement in order to reduce the running cost

  • Place the refrigerator away from heat sources and make sure that there is ample space for air flow ensuring proper ventilation.
  • Set the thermostats to the optimal temperature settings as per the user manual.
  • Whenever you are storing food item or drinks, wrap it up to prevent the release of moisture.
  • Make sure the freezer is free from dirt, dust and ice buildup.
  • Turn off the display lighting at night and cover up the unit with a thermal cover.
  • Regular maintenance of the refrigeration unit is a must. This prevents unwanted breakdowns, just during the peak times.

So, upgrading your commercial refrigeration unit with a new one and following the above- mentioned tips will keep your unit run efficiently for years to come. Kyabram Refrigeration offers their clients with the perfect solution to commercial refrigeration. If you require additional information, contact us and we will surely assist you.

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