Some Important Air Conditioning Facts

Air conditioning has indeed become a matter of necessity today. The heat that we have to endure has made it almost impossible to live without an air conditioner. However, before an AC installation, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Maintenance:

    Always make it a point to follow the maintenance regimen clearly for a safe and sound working AC. Call in the experts so that they can have a thorough look and fix all the problems.

  • Filters:

    The cleaner the filters, the colder and clearer air are you going to get from them. Accumulated dust will only clog the air flow and exert more pressure on the air conditioner, which should be avoided.

  • Timers:

    Always use the timer on the AC so that even if you fall asleep the AC does not go on working continuously and overwork itself.

  • Keep the Unit Cool:

    The air conditioner unit can at times stop working if the unit becomes too hot. Try to keep the units cool by installing them in a manner so that the outer units are away from direct sunlight. One can also throw splashes of water.

  • Wrap up for Insulation:

    At times the AC ducts pass through attics and other interior places of the house and they are very warm. The warm air can continuously come in touch with the ducts and warm the air inside, preventing fast cooling.

  • Protect the Compressor:

    The compressor, along with the condenser is the most important part of the air conditioner and its entire functioning depends upon those two units. So it is of utmost important to keep them in good shape.

  • Ensure air flow:

    For the AC to function properly, there should be proper air flow so that the ducts can suck in stale air and bring in fresh air. For this, there should be optimum airflow and ventilation.

  • Repair Leaks and Ducts:

    Try to repair the leaks and faulty ducts on time as they are the most problematic areas. What starts as a seemingly small problem can go on to become a big one and the entire system would have to be dismantled.

Kyabram Refrigeration has been working relentlessly to give their clients the best cooling experience possible. With their expert advice, you can make sure that all the air conditioning problems would be looked into and repaired for a optimum cooling experience.

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