Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs this Winter

Much as we all prefer to stay within a temperature controlled environment, as that is infinitely more comfortable, it is also a blaring fact that air conditioning prices have increased in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Although we need ACs the most during the summers, we also need them at times during the winters, to reverse the cooling and to keep the rooms warm. However, this is definitely the time when you can save a lot on the prices of air conditioning.

Here are Some Tips to Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs

  • Make sure that you clean the filters in winters at well. Most assume that since the amount of dust and grime in the air is comparatively lesser during the winters, there is no need to clean them as much. This is an erroneous idea since the AC will continue to filter the dust from the air with the same intensity, and clogged filters would mean that it would have to exert extra pressure for doing so, which in turn will cause the motor to work harder, and thereby consume more electricity.
  • If you are using the air conditioning system in winters for keeping your rooms warmer, then you can invest in window coverings like drapes and shutters to keep out the cold droughts. They only tend to make the air inside colder, which in turn will require more heating by the AC. Similarly, when it is sunny outside, remove the coverings to let in as much sunshine as possible. That will help to keep your rooms warm naturally, and will not only reduce the use of AC, but also the use of artificial lights.
  • A loose duct in the AC can cause air to leak out, which means that the rooms do not heat or cool as it should. If it takes more time than usual, it means that the ACs would have to be kept running for longer, thereby consuming more energy, which would be reflected in the electricity bills. AC ducts can run through inner walls and attics, and hence you should all in the professionals at least once before the winters to check that all the fixtures, wirings and ducts are properly installed.

These are a few basic steps, but by being a little careful, you will end up saving a lot on your AC in the long run.