Some Facts About Waste Heat Recovery System

What is a waste heat recovery system?

A waste heat recovery system is an energy efficient unit that helps in the recovery of heat from the hot streams. The generated heat from this system is dissipated into the environment. This process involves the generation of a large amount of hot flue gases from boiler, kilns, ovens and furnaces. There are many types of waste heat recovery system.

Types Of Waste Heat Recovery System

1. Recuperators –

Here, the heat exchange takes place between the hot flue gases and the air that passes through the metallic or ceramic walls of the recuperators. On one side, the ducts are present to carry the air for combustion, whereas, the other side features the waste heat stream.

2. Regenerators-

This type of heat recovery system encourages reusing of the heat generated.

3. Heat Pipe Exchanger-

This is considered as one of the best thermal conductors.

4. Thermal Wheel-

Also known as a rotary heat exchanger, this unit consists of a heat absorbing material.

5. Economizer-

Here, the waste heat is passed along the recuperator, in order to decrease the thermal energy intake of the fluid.

6. Heat Pumps-

This allows the use of an organic fluid that influences the regeneration from the waste fluid.

7. Round Around Coil-

This set comprises of a multi-row finned tube coils that are connected to each other by a pumped pipework circuit.

The waste heat recovery system also has certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages Of Waste Heat Recovery System

  • It adds to the efficiency of the process, decreases the cost of fuel and the consumption of energy needed for the process.
  • Reduces pollution.
  • The equipment size reduces as the consumption of fuel decreases. The auxiliary energy consumption also reduces.

Disadvantages Of Waste Heat Recovery System

  • It is extremely costly to implement a waste heat recovery unit.
  • The waste heat generated is often low in quality.
  • Difficult to maintain.
  • This system is comparatively heavy than other heat exchangers.

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