Split System or Ducted Air Conditioner?

The Debate of Split System or Ducted Air Conditioner

Thanks to technology, we not only have access to premium air conditioners, but we can also choose from the variants depending on our needs and requirements. While installing an air conditioner, one of the most pertinent questions is whether to buy a window or a split system. Of course, in cases where there is no room for installing a window AC because of adequate space, a split air conditioner has to be installed for practical reasons. But in scenarios where there is no such problem, how does one decide whether to buy a split or a ducted AC?

To start with, one must know about the pros and cons of both kinds of ACs and for this they need to consult an expert. Usually, split air conditioning can be mounted in just about any room, and hence in places where the problem of ventilation is acute due to lack of windows, this can be an ideal solution. Since there are no ducts to be considered, the cost of initial purchase and installation is also lower than other kinds of ACs. Those who live in small apartments or need to cool only one room will find that it is a cost effective way of doing so. Of course, added to this is the fact that the contemporary split ACs are extremely sleek and stylish and they will enhance the décor of any room as well.

Similarly, when it comes to ducted air conditioning, the costs can be a little higher if you are just looking at cooling one room, but if it is central heating or cooling you want, then the costs would be a lot more feasible as the ducts make it possible to cool multiple rooms at the same time. If you are running two or more highwalls, then this is the AC to invest in. The control system in ducted ACs makes it possible to divide the areas into separate zones and then cool each zone accordingly. Similarly, if you do want cooling in a particular area of the house, then that portion can be completely shut off, saving energy and money.

Now depending on the kinds of requirements you have, you need to make your choice. You must also ask for expert opinion and ask a professional installer to have a look to ensure that no changes are required before installing your system.