What are the Costs of Air Conditioning?

Before buying any product or service, we always worry whether it is within our budget or not. The same goes with AC- one of our first questions is that how much does air conditioning cost? A market overview will give you a variety of prices, but it is important to understand that the cost of the AC is not dependent on the unit alone. There are some other charges to consider as well and together they would add up to the total cost of getting an air conditioner.

  • Unit: The first thing to consider is of course the unit. Everything depends on the brand you buy and the model you choose. Various brands have various prices and they also differ in features. Make it a point to go through all the features of a particular AC before you finally zero in on it.
  • Installation: Some manufacturers or suppliers might install the AC free of charge if you are buying the AC from them. However, some might charge extra for the delivery and installation. Similarly, if you have bought the AC online, you might have to look for an independent installer and he will of course, charge extra.
  • Extended Warranty: Every air conditioner comes with its warranty, which is usually of one year. However, extended warranty is available if you pay a little more. This would keep your AC safe and all repairs would be taken care of under the warranty in case any anomaly occurs. If you decide to pay for it, then that cost would add up.
  • Maintenance: While selecting a particular brand or manufacturer, be sure to enquire about their customer care services and the maintenance facilities. ACs have to be serviced regularly if you want to keep them working flawlessly and so it is essential to enquire about their servicing charges because that will give you a fair idea how much would you end up paying in the long run.
  • Components and Parts: At times, if a major issue occurs with the AC and your unit is beyond the warranty, you will have to pay for the parts and components. Some of them might be very expensive. While you do not have to worry about them while you are newly installing the AC, this is something that you might have to consider later, so enquire beforehand about the prices and costs of the component parts of the brand that you are deciding to buy.